Recipe for Going Crazy

1 road trip
1 high-energy toddler
1 minor time change that throws off the schedule of people who normally quite like routine
Different environments that seem to inevitably cause above-noted toddler to have a gigantic screaming fit at bedtime
1 mom already feeling the angst of a state of limbo
A few shots of driving back and forth between places that are beautiful but that also happen to cause this:

Sufficient personal space
Normal required amount of exercise
A few elements of normally good diet and nutrition

Your finished product should look like this:

Heading home tomorrow.



  1. You never know what might happen when you put a toddler in the car for a road trip. I hope you get to enjoy some part of your trip.

  2. Know all about road trips and toddlers going nuts. Hang on in there!

  3. ((((hugs)))

  4. Travel with toddlers is not for the weak. You can do it! ((hugs))

  5. You are very brave for traveling with a 3 year old!! Hang in there!!!

  6. You are brave. We traveled with our daughter when she was 11 weeks. Oy. You’d think she’d just sleep in the car seat, but noooooooo.

  7. It always sound good in theory, doesn’t it?

    Hope some of your trip is relaxing.

  8. Never works out the way you planned. Safe travels, friend!


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