Making It Happen – I’m a Speaker Finalist For Bloggy Boot Camp!

Last week I tortured myself making a video for something I really want. It paid off! I’m a finalist for a speaker spot at a SITS Bloggy Boot Camp.

I’m DYING of excitement. (You can see my video submission below.)

I really want to do this – not so much to talk about postpartum depression (though that would obviously be part of my story) but to talk to other bloggers about how blogging, to me, is so much more than words on a page. It’s about sharing what is unique to you – whatever that is, and each one of us has something – and using that to give others something. A laugh. Support. A new idea. A bit of hope. A connection to someone they’d otherwise not have met. And how doing that makes their life, and yours in return, something more.

I know I’d be a good speaker (and I promise not to tell the gorilla joke). Help me get there? Visit the site and vote for me (which you can do once per day – please, please – until Aug. 3).

Did I mention I will love you forever if you do?



  1. Awesome Robin!! You would SO deserve it!! Going to vote now!!

  2. I love your trailer, so beautifully done! I voted for you, fingers and toes crossed that you’ll win. xo

  3. You have my vote! :) Good luck!

  4. I voted. Naturally!

  5. You’ve got my vote mama. Your video submish was brilliant!

  6. I voted! I even was fair and watched each of the other contestants’ videos as long as I could stomach (eek…don’t mean to be rude, but…), and yours really was the best. I think you’d be the most interesting to watch speak, as well.

    • Huge compliment, thanks Krista! I use Muppets in most of my presentations but I'm thinking I'll use a Dr. Seuss theme for this one if I get it 😉

  7. Gave you a vote this morning, Robin! I was so excited when I saw your video on the SITS website. Loved the video, love your message. I think you would be a perfect speaker this year! Good luck!!

  8. totally awesome – off to vote

  9. Rach (DonutsMama) says:

    Love the video Robin! So wonderful. I’m cheering for you!

  10. Voted, good luck!

  11. You did an excellent job. You are proof that people want and appreciate honesty!

  12. multitaskingmumma says:

    I was full of smiles and so happy to actually see you!
    I wanted to reach through the screen and hug you! I love you instantly!
    You will get selected, of course you will.
    You are GORGEOUS!
    and I love the rocks in the background
    And C is adorable.

    • But did you go vote for me??!

      Kidding. You are just too sweet. That's how I felt when I first saw one of your vlogs.

      That's our back yard, which I hate, but everyone loves the rocks.

      Love you! xo

  13. Gave you my vote! Best of luck, you deserve this!
    My recent post A Broken Mommy Heart

  14. Voted! Good luck — you deserve this and other people deserve to hear you speak!

  15. I voted! I hope you get it baby, you will rock it!

  16. I come by royal decree of The Empress. She has never led me astray in her bloggy recommendations. You are no exception.

    I just voted…Here’s hoping that you can check this one off of your life list!

  17. I commented elsewhere, but I’ll add my two cents here too. Loved your video. I always love putting a voice to the person. I hope you get your wish!

    I guess I have to join the SITS community to vote? I’ll go check it out….

  18. Good for you!! I’m very proud of you and know you’d be a wonderful speaker. I’ve voted… but was it too late? What’s the verdict? Were you selected?!

  19. Well done!



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