Paradigm Shift

I walk every day, and everything is new.

There’s no doubt I’m somewhere different.

sunset and snowy field

The community we live in now is not one I was familiar with. We chose it, bought a house, and moved here, knowing nothing. Being here is an evolution, a revolution, a metamorphosis.

I’m revelling in the ordinariness of life when it is anything but. Exploring a new grocery store is an adventure. Sideways traffic lights and fire hydrants that are yellow instead of red are notable, if only to me.

Every side street and every path holds promise. Footsteps disappear between the trees and I follow them.

footsteps in the snow

An open space. Late afternoon sun lighting the trees on fire.

walking path in the snow

 Further down, the horizon peeks through.

sunset through the trees

Snow is heavy on the branches. Sparkling white, gentle, pristine.

snow-covered tree

Bright red berries speak of the season.

red berries in the snow

Even the birds have a place to retreat to.

birdhouse in the snow

I have walked a lot over the last few years because the dog demands it, but it was always one more thing on the to-do list. A pain, not a pleasure. I walked but didn’t see.

snow covered housesNow I walk every day. A choice, not a chore. And I see because I’m looking.

And I’m watching my paradigm shift.



  1. that was visually stunning and beautifully and evocatively written. love the journey i got to take with you!!!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, and such wonderful imagery with your words. I’m so glad you’re starting to fall in love.

    You are, aren’t you?

  3. AMAZING pictures and check out those cool frames too!

    I am sure that there isn’t that much (expansive) natural beauty where I live — I live in a city after all — but it does remind me of a time when a friend came to visit. It was her first visit to my house and she arrived early — I was still running home from school with the three kids. While she was waiting she took off with her phone and captured the most stunning pictures from my tiny street. She found things I had never seen before and truthfully, I still can’t find them. I walk (rush) down our street every day; I never stroll with my eyes wide open.

    • That’s one of the things I love about it here – it’s a city (over a million people) but this is a very residential area and because it’s at the edge of the city it feels fairly remote. I’m really enjoying it – very refreshing.

  4. “I see because I am looking”
    And the pictures? OMG, woman, you are so talented.
    Thank you for allowing us to follow your shifts. You are a paradigm shift in and of yourself.

  5. This was beautiful. The pictures, and your words. It opened my eyes too. I should go walk today not because I should, but because I have yet to walk just to walk through this neighborhood since we moved here in January. I have not explored.

  6. Simply breathtaking.
    I’d be doing the same thing as you. Nature is so calming. Even if there is a crap load of snow.

  7. Gorgeous. Those pictures bring back memories for me, because that looks like places that I grew up. Snow on trees. Winter sun. :) Doesn’t look like that out here. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  8. The pictures are stunning—and I am so excited for you to share this new world & adventure with us as you discover all the newness!

  9. what a beautiful post!

  10. That sounds beautiful, I’m glad you’re loving the new place!

  11. Beautiful.

  12. Beautiful photos, Robin! I see you captured the sun! :)

  13. Wow ~ LOVE the photos and love your post! Hope you have a beautiful day! Happy WW to all!

  14. Stunning! Thanks for sharing.

    Just dropping in from “5 Minutes For Mom” Wordless Wednesday Hop. I’m a new(ish) blogger – please check out my site if you get a chance! Thanks :)

  15. Different is good and beautiful! Gorgeous photos, Robin.

  16. Wow, so gorgeous, the pictures and the words.

  17. What gorgeous photos!
    I enjoyed every second of that!
    I can see your transformation

  18. The photos and the words are beautiful.

    How powerful to walk by choice, and to really see what is around you.

  19. You take the most beautiful pictures. I have to admit, I love looking at snow…. in pictures. I’m actually allergic to it. 😉

  20. Wow, Robin. Way to make freezing cold look stunning and enticing. Maybe I’ll visit in the winter after all!

  21. Gorgeous pictures. The one of the trees “on fire” is especially incredible! You’re lucky to be in such beautiful surroundings.

  22. You live in an amazing place, I am really hoping for snow here this year but there not been any “proper” snow that has laid for years.


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