Valentines Revisited

This is something I wrote last year and re-posting it feels like a bit of a cheat. But in my defence:

  1. Mama Kat told us to write a poem for our valentines.
  2. My blog was quite new at the time, and it seems reasonable to bring it back to see the light of day.
  3. I like it.

It’s one of my favourite posts, and one I don’t think I could better, so here you go:


In the eyes of the boy, I am everything. I know everything. Can do everything (except build snowmen). My kisses heal wounds. My breath in the night scares away the darkness. My hugs bring him home.

I carried him then, gave him life. Nourished his body with mine. Carry him still.

To me he can say, “I love you, too” even when I haven’t said it first, because sometimes love is unspoken.

In the eyes of the boy I am perfect.

In the eyes of the man, I am the other half. The other half of one whole.

I offer what I can and he takes it, adds to it and makes it more.

If I need help I can ask for it and he gives it. Sometimes I can’t ask for it and he gives it anyway.

I have said, “I’m sorry.” And he has said, “There are no conditions.”

In the eyes of the man I am perfect in my imperfection.

To me, the boy is life and light and lilting laughter. He is me and he is the man: he is the poignancy of potential. He’s also his own person and don’t you dare mess with that.

He is perfect.

To me, the man is the source of much of the best of the boy. He is more – much more – than I knew when I met him. He is my patience and my strength. He is rational when I’m not. He laughs when I can’t.

He is love, and love is perfect.

I’m lucky to have them, these two. My two.


Mama’s Losin’ It



  1. This is so sweet. So well written. Thank you for reposting it for us!

  2. I am so glad you reposted. That is beautiful and how lucky your guys are to have you. Your love shines through this post.

    Stopping by from Mama Kats!

  3. Simple and sweet!

  4. So sweet. So glad you reposted this. Happy Valentine’s Day to your and your boys. :)

  5. This was perfect to repost. You have 2 very special Valentine’s.

  6. Unconditional love is a beautiful beautiful thing. Love this. :)

  7. What a beautifully written piece! It would have been a shame to miss that simply because you posted it last year!

  8. So sweet. I love the part when he says “I love you, too,” even if you didn’t say it first.

  9. Gorgeous! Perfection.

  10. Beautiful poem. And the I love you too! Awesome knowing he knows your love that way.

  11. This is too sweet…right from that spot in your heart.
    Our little men are amazing aren’t they.
    Glad you brought this one up.

  12. This is so beautiful. Thank you for posting it.

  13. Lovely poem nice gift for your men. I love it beautiful job

  14. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  15. I might need to steal this and put it into a card :)

    It’s beautiful, Robin!

  16. I’m so glad you reposted this. This is beautiful. You have 2 very special Valentines!

  17. Love. Lucky boys. Lucky you. <3

  18. Gorgeous Robin.
    I’m so glad you reposted it. You have described the love for you son and husband perfectly.

  19. JDaniel4's Mom says:

    I feel the same way about my guys!

  20. I adore this. It’s perfection.

  21. Wow this is gorgeous Robin, so glad I had the chance to read it since I missed it last year.

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