Missing Grandma

Big, spontaneous tears at bedtime tonight.

“I miss Grandma,” he said, his voice in the darkness succumbing to a wail.

Oh dear, I thought.

He was tired—by design, since tonight is volleyball night for my husband and I’m tired and didn’t want an extended bedtime again (ha ha) so we skipped his nap—so I figured it was a small sigh and he’d succumb to sleep.

“Oh buddy, I know you miss Grandma. She’s coming to visit soon though.”

Sniff, sniff, wail.

“We’re going to go and visit Grandma and Grandpa soon too!”


“And you know what? They’re getting ready to move here!”

“They should live right next to us.”

“Maybe they will.” (Mental note: Ask the neighbours if they would like to sell their house.)

“We never should have left our house.”

“…What do you mean? Which house?”

“Our old house.”

Oh dear.

This child sure knows how to break his mama’s heart. He’s probably been thinking about Grandma and all the fun things they do and all the things he wants to show her. I imagine his little brain thinking about this but not saying anything until now, when it comes out in the quiet of the night. Whether it’s a tired lament or not, I know he misses them. I knew he would. I dreaded it.

I tried to jolly him along – “They’re coming soon!” and “You know what?! Grandpa is a really good skater and he would love to go skating with you! You can show him your new skates and what you’ve learned so far!” – but no dice.

He was quiet, and at first I thought it was working. I could no longer hear his sniffles—only mine—but then it started again.


The mommy-cheering-up tactics weren’t working, so we called Grandma. They talked and made a list of all the things they’re going to do when she comes to visit and, for now at least, it’s all better. Until the next bedtime, and the next, and the next. Until they’ve moved close enough to make him happy.

I really need to go and sweet-talk the neighbours.

boy and his Grandma



  1. Awww, that’s certainly a tough one. Especially when you’re feeling the same kinds of emotions and don’t have all the answers for yourself yet. Hugs.

  2. Awwwww. I think it’s incredibly sweet that he misses and loves his Grandma as much as he does.

  3. That is a very weird picture. And while he does likely miss us it’s an over-tired, don’t-want-to-go-to -bed-ploy too. I’m pretty sure he’s prefer to live with you and Daddy. I had better hurry up and knit some blankets and things for his soon to be new twin cousins while I still have time. Sounds like we may be fairly busy.

  4. Almost a year ago, we moved from an apartment to our new home, round the corner. Here we have a garden, much more space for the kids to play in and invite their friends to play, and lots more fun stuff. Every so often my five year old will start complaining about how she misses the old place (the old place round the corner). What exactly does she miss? The old sofa that had better cushions to build a “house” with. So if she can get sad about a sofa, your son can certainly get sad about missing his grandma! Of course, it doesn’t mean that he’s not having a good time where you are now. And BTW, our old sofa is not coming for a visit, ever, although I believe it still lives round the corner!
    Great news about your parents planning to live close by. I live in an urban tribe myself :-)

  5. Awww….they sure do have a wonderful bond with the grandparents don’t they. Yesterday I picked up Chunky from my parents house and he said “No. I’m staying here forever!!!” yea talk about that emotional moment.

    • Aw. Connor has asked to live with them a few times too. On a few of those occasions I would happily have packed him a bag. 😉

  6. Oh no. My daughter misses the grandparents she has never seen. My mother in law and dad passed away before the kids were born, but we talk about them all the time. Sometimes my Big Girl will say, “Mom I really miss grandma.” {heart breaks} “I know baby. Me too.”

  7. Now that I’ve lost both of my parents, whom my kids were very close to, we have these times where there’s crying and heartbreak. There are also times where I’ll catch the kids just chatting randomly about the things they love about Grammy and Pappy – my parents. My dad passed over a year after my mom and it was unexpected. That was really hard on my kiddos.

    We remember them and now that it’s not as hard for me to talk about them I can join in the trip down memory lane.

  8. I go through this with my kids too because Grandma lives so far away and they love her so much. Thank goodness for technology and FaceTime.

  9. Robin you have the most amazing parents. You are so lucky that they are going to move close by. I want my parents to move closer to us too.

  10. Oh this tugged at my heart strings… I wish Lucas had both sets of his grandparents so much. I’m sorry C. is having a hard time. Hopefully there are lots of upcoming visits planned.


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