A Blog Bash and a Favourite Post

Two very lovely bloggers are celebrating their first blogging anniversaries with a blog bash and I’m joining in to help them celebrate.

I find it hard to believe Alison has only been blogging for a year, partly because her blog has taken off and partly because it feels like I’ve known her for much longer. I’m a more recent follower of Ado’s blog, but I really, really like it (and the stuff she shares on Facebook is awesome too).

To celebrate, they’ve asked us to share a favourite post. The one I’m choosing to share is relatively recent – I just wrote it in January. The idea bounced around in my head for days and when I started writing it came out as something totally different than what I intended. I decided it said exactly what I needed to say, and that alone would have made it a favourite, but the comments and responses I got made that particular soul-pouring-out post feel extra special.

So whether you saw it at the time or are just coming across it now, I’d love for you to read Becoming Real.

Happy blogoversary, Alison and Ado!



  1. Thank you fo celebrating with us with this wonderful post, Robin! And your words, your lovely words. Thank you. So much.

  2. Love it… still :)

  3. I love that post. It’s one of my favorites too!