Let’s Talk About Something Else

It’s everywhere – on Twitter, on my Facebook news feed, on blog posts. The cover of a certain magazine showing a woman standing while breastfeeding an older child who’s standing on a chair and latched firmly on to her breast. You know what? I’m sick of it.

Yes, the photo creeps me out. It’s sensational – meant to provoke a reaction. But I have no desire to read the article. None whatsoever.

I don’t care what, how, or when you feed your child. (Well, I do, but I have my own issues to worry about, thankyouverymuch.) You parent your children, I’ll parent mine. I also don’t care who has it harder – working moms or stay-at-home moms. Frankly, I think both are really freaking hard. I admire moms (and dads) who stay home with their children. I couldn’t do it.

But here’s what I think needs to happen in response to this magazine: NOTHING.

Ignore it, I beg you. They’re looking for a reaction. They’re provoking us. And so far we’re falling for it. We’re doing exactly what they want, and in doing so we’re perpetuating the very war we all speak out against.

Ignore it. 

So, with that said, let’s talk about something else.

Tell me something you’ve done lately that you’re proud of. That is something I actually want to discuss.




  1. Amen. The whole thing is ridiculous, and I’m not going to read it either.

    I am proud to have kicked ass my first four weeks on a new job. And to have survived my daughter’s latest biting spree.

  2. totally agree! I am hype averse and so over this. let’s move on and quit talking about it..which is exactly what they want us to do!

  3. Very well-said. I don’t understand the joy that some in the media get out of provoking disagreements between women. It’s like those kids in the halls of a middle school provoking two girls to fight & then yelling, “Cat fight! Cat fight!” as they watch. Sick.

    This week, I sent in a little something to my sons’ teachers (all working moms) to let them know I really appreciate them and what they do for my boys. I’m proud of being an encouragement to these underpaid, underappreciated women.

  4. I saw the photo… I thought, okay? I moved on and never gave it another thought. But yes, it is certainly everywhere…

    Onto more interesting things… I’ve been trying to think of things I can do to spend some quality time with my kids. Having an 11-year old boy and a 4-year old girl, it’s difficult to find common ground for things we can do together, and have everyone be happy and engaged. Throwing on a movie is even difficult, and that’s not what I really want to do! So, we’re going to do a family memory board, scrapbook style… I’m hoping it turns into a few nice afternoons of quality time and reminiscing. My son isn’t super creative, more the athletic type, but gluing and cutting isn’t really hard, for either of them actually. I’m excited and can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • I have an almost five year difference between my kids so this summer I am trying a different approach…Since I am a teacher, I get to be a stay at home mom for a couple of months. I’m using the hat trick. I’m writing for my three year old and my son are putting family activities in the hat. They both have to be approved by me,and I am adding a few of my own. When it’s time for an intervention, I mean family activity, we’ll pick one out. The only rule – no complaining or sulking.

    • What a great idea. I bet Connor would love that.

  5. That photo? Totally a stunt. That’s all I’m gonna say about that.

    I have better things to think about – like my fresh baby and my awesome toddler!

    Hope you’re well and this pregnancy is becoming kinder to you.

  6. Amen. It’s a ridiculous scheme to make EVERYONE mad. It does not shed a positive light on any type of parent. Well done addressing it here.

  7. Lindsay says:

    Hell to the YES.

  8. Socorro says:

    Oh, thank you for putting in writing what I’ve been thinking all along. Two thumbs to leaving people be to parent their own children.

  9. I heart you big time. I’m really proud of my kid, period. This is hard, the days can be long, but I just love how my kid has molded me into becoming a new and better person. And I AM MOM ENOUGH. So are you.

  10. I keep flipping between wanting to blog my own reaction to that cover and wanting to ignore it because blogging about it would just do what the magazine creators wanted… create more sensation. Sigh.


  12. I am proud of participating in the Mother’s Day Rally at Postpartum Progress. I cannot wait to read all the other letters.

  13. In the last 24 hours, I baked some kick-axe gluten-free chocolate cookies, sewed five patches on five right knees (why is it just the right knee, kid?), managed three play dates, wrote a love letter, grocery shopped, meal planned, and did all of the other stuff mom’s usually do in a day. I rock. The last time I checked there were no four-year-olds (or ridiculously tall three-year-olds) attached to my boob, but I still consider it a very productive day!

  14. Well said!!!!
    today my son came home from the hospital and I deciphered the information from his release report and gave him his med’s gave him a bath, got his fever down and he fell into a comfortable slumber. So then I cleaned. The kitchen, mopped the floor, argued with our medical supply company, called our hospice nurse, wiped down the refrigerator & dishwasher, read 2 very interesting magazine articles (Not from TIME magazine)
    did some laundry and am now at a movie waiting for it to start. I feel very productive too!

  15. IT’s not so much the picture that’s irks me, as the headline “Are You Mom Enough?” Shit on that noise!

    Lately, I’m proud of my strength.

  16. I am proud of landing myself a new job!

  17. I’m proud of sleeping in today and going in to work late because I needed to rest.

  18. Ok…something else….
    Well before surgery I had to landscape down yander and I wasn’t sure how to do it and whether it would be too whoreish.
    So speaking of body parts…

  19. You couldn’t be more right. They’re just looking for a reaction and honestly, I don’t care to give to them. So stupid!

  20. Oops, was suppose to talk about something else. I got to sleep in today! Woohoo!

  21. I agree with Just Jennifer…it’s the inflammatory language that bothers me more than anything. We just finished school and I’m pumped about that! AND my children actually worked out a disagreement yesterday with NO prompting about speaking nicely (it’s a festivus miracle!).

  22. A-MEN! I was on vacation in the middle of the woods and I still couldn’t hear the end of this thing! That’s part of my “proud of” moment though. We went on our first family vacation and I actually was able to relax. :)

  23. Oh, I am so tired of hearing about this magazine (even days later!). You know what I’m proud of? Making ice cream a complete meal. Yeah, it’s become my new thing. Totally unhealthy, I know. But also? So delicious!

  24. I have done exactly what you asked. I refuse to take part in this and any other controversy that tries to pit moms against each other.


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