He doesn’t sleep in the morning. He seems to absorb his older brother’s relentless early-to-rise energy and there’s just too much of everything – too much excitement, too much noise, too much daylight.

I’ve turned off the lights this morning. With big brother out of the house it’s quiet. There is snow falling.

He lies in my arms now, head in the crook of my elbow. My left wrist and forearm are numb, but I won’t put him down. Not yet. His eyes are closed and ringed by soft, pale lashes. His sweet mouth is open. Babies’ lips are beautiful.

His tummy is pressed to mine, and he sleeps.




  1. Sounds like you’re in a heavenly little cloud <3

  2. Shhhhhh…don’t wake up my uterus and eggs…

  3. So sweet. You’re making me want another one!

  4. Such a peaceful, beautiful face.

  5. What a perfect moment. :) I always had trouble putting Noah down when he was sleeping in my lap. And still do (if he manages to fall asleep in my lap, that is).

  6. Sweet. Enjoy the snuggles. I kind of miss those days. Who knew?? 😉

  7. oh that open, pouty little mouth KILLS ME! so adorable.

  8. Those are the bestest moments.


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