Trust Your Struggle


I was browsing through my “Get Inspired” Pinterest board and came across this image. (Sadly, I don’t know the original source so can’t credit it.)

Trust your struggle.

I pinned it a year ago, according to the site. I was momentarily surprised when I saw that, because that was a few months after my darkest days. But that actually makes sense, because we can’t see the good in the bad when we’re in the dark. In those moments it’s just awful and overwhelming and all-consuming. When we’re really struggling, it’s almost impossible to think that we’ll be better for it.

During my darkest days, someone told me I would be grateful for my experience once I was past it. I didn’t agree then. I couldn’t see it. But it was true.

Some of the most inspiring (and inspired) people I know survived some sort of horrible experience and learned to love the lessons in it. Some found strength they didn’t know they had. Some appreciate life after loss. Some found their calling or figured out what’s really important to them.

My darkest days feel very long ago. Not that I haven’t struggled since then, but I have perspective now that I didn’t before and I don’t think I will ever sink so low again. And I have the lessons and the love from that experience.

I learned a lot from my struggle. I didn’t trust it at the time, but I can see it now, and I expect there are still blessings to be unveiled.

There’s beauty in the breakdown.

Trust your struggle.



  1. If you look, there’s always a good lesson to be had.
    Great quote.

  2. When you’re depressed…well I can really only speak for myself, that would be the last thing I want to hear…even though it is comepletely true. The mind can’t decipher what is good or bad. Everything is just bad.
    I’m tucking this quote for a rainy day. I may not believe it but I can always try.

    • I get that. And I agree that in the moment hearing that might make you want to punch someone. But I really do believe there’s something good in it. For you, for now, maybe that’s just the love of your boys, which I know you can see and appreciate during your struggle. It may not be what you want it to be, but that part is still a gift, you know?

  3. I love this and wrote about it a while ago, too – it really spoke to me as it does to you. So hard to trust, when we’re in the depths of it, but so valuable …

  4. This is beautiful, Robin. Thank you for sharing. It is really true – though we struggle to remember that WHILE we’re struggling. But I love it anyway.

  5. I think this is true for those of us who struggled and got past it. There are many of us for which the struggle still exists, even years later. I agree with Kim above, it’s hard to see when you’re in it.

    • I know, honey. I totally know. When I’ve had relapses I’ve railed against this concept, and my ongoing struggle hasn’t been nearly as difficult as yours. I know that. But it still helps me to trust that maybe there’s a reason or maybe something good will come of it.

  6. Had a rough weekend here. Too much stress, too little sleep. But I’ve learned a lot about myself through it all.

  7. I love that! I have had many many struggles in my life and although I could have done without them, I know they have made me who I am today.

  8. I certainly hope there’s beauty there. I still can’t find it.

  9. There certainly is beauty there. Just look at this community we’ve helped create! I never would have started blogging, and more importantly I never would have met you, Melissa, Jenny, Yuz, Yael, Lauren, Rachana, Kim, Jenna, Pam, Andrea, Lindsay, A’Driane, Susan, and so many others had I not experienced everything I did. That alone makes it better. And going through PPD actually helped me learn the tools I need to deal with a lifetime of generalized anxiety disorder. Since beating PPD, my anxiety attacks are so rare now that I know how to handle them, thanks to a lot of self-care, self-discovery, and the things I’ve learned in therapy.

  10. Thanks for this. I think that going through struggles raises our awareness and creates more love and understanding in our hearts for others.