A Little Bird Told Me to Give You This

It’s Friday, which is always happy but today especially so because one week from today is my birthday. But don’t worry – you don’t need to get me anything. I got you something instead!

Many, many months ago (like sometime last year) I came across the most beautiful thing.

Isn’t that astonishing? It’s what I was trying to accept at the time – that hard things are sometimes hard for a reason, and we just have to trust that the reason is a good one and that, ultimately — maybe not today or tomorrow — we will be better for it.

I believe that now. I don’t always like it, but I believe and accept it.

Anyway, seeing that on Pinterest led me to the Brave Girls Club (thanks Chibi! You’re a brave girl if ever I saw one) and to their daily truth emails. Those emails are formatted like the one above – they start with “Dear Wonderful Girl” and “Dear Spectacular Girl” and “Dear Scared Girl” and things like that, and they go on to include a message as insightful as this one. For a long time I would get these emails and think, “How did you know?!!” It was uncanny, which is really another way of saying that when you’re looking for inspiration you’ll usually find it.

The Brave Girl’s Club also has classes, free downloads and Melody Ross has now created A Little Bird Told Me, which is a book based on those emails, and it’s just as beautiful as you’d expect.

Brave Girls book

Brave Girls book

Brave Girls book

The lovely Brave Girls sent me a copy as a gift just for being lovely (because why else?) and have offered up another for me to give to one of you. You can enter using the Rafflecopter form below (note that you won’t receive the book before Christmas). I’ll choose the winner on my birthday.


Disclaimer: I was sent a copy of this book and offered one to give away but received no other compensation. I wasn’t even required to say anything about it. I just did because I think it’s beautiful. I really do.
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  1. What inspires me? Oh so many things! My husband, my children, blogging, other bloggers, blue sky, a good book/movie/tv show, the holidays! This looks like a really great book and I would love to have a copy!

  2. What a beautiful book!
    My friends inspire me, in so many ways. I count you among them.
    I wold love to enter, but shipping would cost you an arm and a leg, so I won’t. I will pimp it though!

  3. I’ve been receiving the emails each day for over a year now and every morning I am amazed that it feels like they were written specifically for me. Like a best friend who knows all my deepest secrets, they speak to my heart and mind and give me the peace, inspiration and motivation to get on with my day.

  4. You inspire me. 😉

    Also, seeing how much good words can bring about.

  5. Words and quotes inspire me.

  6. The stories of others inspire me. When I was a kid I would have went to books, now it means reading blogs like this one for inspiration. :)

  7. I am inspired by my daughters, my husband, music and really great writing in magazines, blogs or books. I love getting the Brave Girls Club daily e-mails.

  8. My children inspire me. They see the world with such a fresh perspective!

  9. Other people’s courage and passion inspires me. My kids. My friends. My husband. They make me want to find my own bliss.

  10. Organization. Order sets me free.

  11. I really wish I knew what inspired me.

  12. michelle pickett says:

    my son inspires me to live more simply and take joy in the little things.

  13. This is absolutely perfect for what we are all going through right now. Also, what a great gift idea!

  14. Reading, writing, blogs, kids, nature, coffee shops.

    {Love this, so much!}


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