30 Days Straight

Today is January 2nd (for a little while yet, anyway), which means yesterday was January 1st and therefore the 2nd anniversary of this blog. I didn’t have a post about that yesterday because, frankly, I always feel that if I write something on the first of the year it should be profound. And yesterday I wasn’t feeling very profound. So instead I’ll now say the usual things, like I can’t believe it’s been two years. And I‘m grateful to have this space and the people I have encountered through it. Truly – I thank all of you who read and comment and share. My life is undoubtedly richer because of you.

How’s that for a cursory celebration? I do like to acknowledge these things, but right now I’d rather just get on with living life instead of writing about how I write about living life.

The living I’m doing right now relates to my post about taking on a challenge to exercise for 30 days straight. When my friend Melissa first challenged me to tackle that item on my life list I started to regret having put that silly idea on there. But as Christmas crept past and the food kept coming and the couch kept calling I decided it was a good thing someone was willing to push me. So I began to psych myself up for it and figure out what variety of things I wanted to do over the 30 days, both so I could manage it after being less than active for the last while and so I wouldn’t get bored after a week.

And then the day came.

And I started!

I started the 30 days by going for a run yesterday. It was beautiful – I went later in the day than I had intended (entirely due to small people’s needs and not at all because of lack of motivation) but in doing so I caught the sunset. And I looked out over the roofs of the houses in our community and was treated to a gorgeous glimpse of the Rockies, which fill up my soul every day.


I ran alone, with no agenda other than completing 30 minutes. I zigged through our neighbourhood and zagged down trails just to see where they went. I passed people sledding as the sun went down and the lights in the houses behind them came on. I encountered two other solo runners with whom I exchanged The Look. The one that says, “We’re alive and we’re out here and isn’t it beautiful?


I kept running, knowing I was taking myself father than a 30-minute out-and-back required. I turned onto one street because I hadn’t been down it before and chose another because it had pretty Christmas lights. And when my 30 minutes was up I stopped.

I ended up a little way from home, which was ultimately sort of deliberate because I figured I could use the cool down, but I so enjoyed the alone time. It was cold enough that I could feel every breath deep in my lungs, and early enough in the lateness of the day that the sky glowed.


And that’s why I put this item on my life list in the first place. Because when I get out there it’s good for me and I notice things and I feel happy.

That’s why I wanted to do it, so I’ll keep doing it. For 28 more days. And probably more.


I’m using the hash tag #30daysstraight on Twitter and Instagram if you want to follow along. As well, another friend has joined in starting today, and if you want to try this too I would love to hear about it. 



  1. I am so glad you did it.

  2. I’m so happy you got out there! I’m struggling to find my motivation, although I have been thinking more and more about starting to run. I think I would enjoy it, once I figured out how to do it for more than 10 seconds in a row! I admit I’m a little intimidated by runners–the gear, their stamina, and so on. And I’m a total scaredy-cat when it comes to going out at sunset by myself. I’m going to keep reading–and I hope you keep blogging about this–to continue to find inspiration. Maybe that’s all I really need to get out there, too. Well, and a decent pair of sneakers!

    • You should try it! When I first started I could barely do 10 seconds in a row, but I built up over time. I remember getting to 6-minute run intervals and thinking I could never do more than that, but I got there. And now it’s such great time to be alone and think. I really think you’d like it.

  3. I’m still limited in my ability to exercise bc of my spine injury, but I’d like to commit to this, too. I can certainly fit 15 minutes of stretching and core strengthing into my days. Let’s keep each other honest. 😉

    • I’m glad you’re doing this Susan, even if you just get some in when you can. The goal is to feel good – nothing more.

  4. If this includes yoga, you should come do some with me sometime. I go Mondays, and/or Wednesdays, and/or Saturdays. Any class that isn’t hot!


  5. Great idea to add photos!! Going for a brisk walk at lunch. Let’s see what the harbour looks like today :)
    And to Jaime, slap on whatever sneakers you have, go for a walk and try jogging a block. As Robin’s post so beautifully illustrates, there are some truly freeing moments awaiting you when you explore on your own :)

  6. So proud of you.

  7. Wow good for you. I’m doing a bloggin challenge for January so that’s enough for me! Maybe in February…..it has less days so even better! I always find exercise helps me feel better mentally as well as physically too. Good luck you!

  8. Good for you! I took a break from working out over the holidays (BAD move) but am back on track now. I feel so much better when I get up and get moving.


  1. […] and pretty and so close to so many things I want to dip my figurative toe into. I want to find my running spirit in this new, snow-filled environment. I want to take more trips — nearby and possibly farther […]

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