On Bangs and Bad Comedy

Conversation at dinner:

Rich: “…And Joe Flaherty is in it.”

Me: [blank stare]

Rich: “He’s from SCTV…?”

Me: “Oh.” [Half head-nod, half shrug]

Rich: “Are you sure you’re Canadian?! Canadians like SCTV from the time they’re in the womb. We used to watch it all the time in high school.”

Me: “Yeah, I have a feeling if I’d known you in high school I wouldn’t be married to you now.”

Rich: “What?! We totally would have hung out in high school.”

Me: “I dunno. I don’t think we had much in common then.”

Rich: “Yeah, we would have. Besides, I know what you looked like in Grade 12.”

Me: o_O

Shortly after that one of us got smart and changed the topic.

And incidentally, I think he married me because he knows what I looked like in high school. My awesome bangs from 1992 totally sealed the deal.




  1. Hah! I want to see a picture of those bangs!!

  2. My husband & I would not have gotten together if we met in HS.

    As for 1992, I wasn’t quite in HS yet, but I was definitely rocking some curled teased puffed down the side of my face bangs. Surely our hair would have been friends.

  3. Picture of bangs please.

    Also? My husband and I have these discussions all the time and I have stated that we would not be married if we knew each other in highschool.
    He disagrees.

  4. Oh, see, my husband and I did know (and didn’t date) each other in high school. It gives us a whole new level of things to hold over each other’s heads.

  5. HA! Yea, me and the hubs wouldn’t have hung out in high school either…not just b/c of our differences, but b/c he’s 5 years older than me (which I point out to him almost daily!) So, when he was in 9th grade, I was…oh, 10. HA!

    And yes, we need to see those rockin’ bangs please.

  6. Changing the topic seems like it was a good idea.

  7. This post is totally incomplete without that picture of you from grade 12!

    I’m Canadian and I would have been doing the blank stare thing too. Though it could be my age. I don’t the SCTV was a thing for my age group. I might be wrong and naive though. :)