Explore 2013: The First Month

My one word for 2013 doesn’t require me to draw hard on my will power. It doesn’t ask me to break out of comfort zones (much) or give up anything. It just pushes me to get out there and to try new things. So that’s what I’m doing.


One of the things that drew me to my word for 2012 was that we had just moved to a new city (and a new province) and I wanted to see some of the amazing things this area offers. We did a little bit of it, but not as much because, as mentioned in my post reflecting on 2012, I was experiencing the “vibrancy” of morning sickness for the better part of the year, which didn’t make me feel like doing much of anything. That hankering has carried over into 2013 and I’m going to explore, even if I have to drag myself (and my family) out there.

ice sculpture with flower

We’ve done a few things already this year, including a favourite event that we did get to last year before I started feeling icky. The Ice Magic Festival in Lake Louise makes for a perfect day in the Canadian Rockies and Connor was much better behaved this year, so I thoroughly enjoyed it. The ice sculptures are incredible and the scenery is breathtaking. Many of the photos in this post are from our day out there on Saturday.

ice sculpture

This one, however, isn’t.

red barn in the Rockies

Do you ever come across a view or a sight that makes you pause, except you don’t actually pause? I’m trying very hard not to make this a blog in which I spend all my time gushing about how beautiful it is here, but it is and I definitely appreciate it. Every once in a while I come across something that asks to be captured, but often I’m rushing around trying to take a kid somewhere or get some things done before the little one needs feeding again. On Saturday as I was going to pick up my dad before going to the festival I caught a glimpse of a stunning view. And despite the fact that we were leaving the house almost an hour later than planned, I pulled off the highway and took a side road, not knowing where it would lead. Well, it led here.

It’s a bit tough to tell (because this was taken with my phone and I used a filter that blurs it a little bit) but the mountains were crystal clear that day. I didn’t know this little barn was here, but it just looked so cool from where I was, so I stopped to take a picture before returning to the highway. Totally worth it.


To me, “explore” isn’t just about physically going places. It’s also about doing things I might not otherwise have chosen to do – or have even known I want to.

walking on Lake Louise

One of those is my challenge to myself to exercise for 30 days straight. It was a weird, random thing that I put on my life list and when a friend suggested we do it I figured there was no reason not to. Today is day 29, thank goodness, and I’ll share some thoughts next week about how it’s been. (I have caught some incredible sunsets, for one thing.)

sunset over the Rockies

Another thing I’m doing is taking an online course called Create 2013, which is about trying to guide your intentions for the coming year. It has brought about some interesting insights, the most profound of which relates to doodling. (More on that later too.)


And finally, exploring is about trying new things. Like saying, “Hey, I want to write for Huffington Post” and making that happen.

And teaching my biggest boy how to skate.

first skating lesson

So yes, I’ve been exploring. And so far it’s been good.

 Linking up with Just.Be.Enough. Do you have one word or some goals for 2013? Come share your update with us. 




  1. I love the way our One Word guides, motivates, inspires us, and keeps us accountable. It’s been surprising, nicely so on my end too.

    So happy that it’s been a great start to the year for you!

  2. Good words! I like that they’re all related to immersing yourself in your life, diving into your environment. Lovely (and lovely photos!)

  3. I am SO happy that you are sharing your beautiful photos as well as your words with us. I look forward to following your journey!

  4. I find my self captivated by mountain views each time we drive from Calgary to Cochrane – they are so beautiful. I’ve yet to pull over to take photos but I want to all the time. I should just do it and get it out of my system!

  5. Love the words. LOVE the pictures with this post. You have a gift.

  6. That picture with the barn is just breathtaking.
    Merritt is a neat little town with great scenery around it as well, but the Rockies are still my favourite.
    I used to live in Boulder, Colorado when I went to college, and I have not seen the Canadian Rockies yet, but I am sure they are amazing. Thanks for the glimpse 😉

    Three great words/goals you set for yourself – onward and upward for 2013!
    (Found the Just.Be.Enough. linkup through my friend Kimberly at *Sperk and I just love it!)

  7. Beautiful words. This makes my heart happy to see that you’re enjoying the things around you so much.

  8. Beautiful as always my dear. You are so brave and you have such vision. Proud of you.

  9. Robin, I love these photos. Your words make me want to explore my own town.