The Love App

Waaaay back when the iPhone first came out I remember telling Rich that I couldn’t see why anyone would want one. All those functions and silly things? Messy! I liked my straightforward little cell phone.

Yeah, clearly if there were an app for eating one’s words I’d have had to download it onto my precious iPhone.

I finally got an iPhone just over a year ago when I quit my job before we moved and had to (got to?) turn in my work BlackBerry. (I wasn’t sorry to see it go.) One of the things I love most about having an iPhone is how much Rich and I text each other. He often sends me pictures if he’s out with one of the boys – I have pictures of Connor sleeping in odd places, in front of Christmas displays, at the dentist, you name it. And Rich, in turn, has received lots of texts from me with pictures of Ethan sleeping. (What? He’s cute when he sleeps.) 

The one thing I don’t love about the iPhone is that it’s not as easy as I’d like to sync calendars. I mean, really. For all the cool stuff Apple does they can’t make iCal sync easily? We used an app for a while that used a family account and included a calendar, shopping list, to-do list, and had a place for photos and journal entries, etc. But then we found a shopping list app that we liked better and somehow quit using all the other functions too.

We found a new app, though, which I think has potential because it combines relationship stuff and practical stuff. It’s called Twyxt (as in “betwixt” or “between two”) and it’s meant to create a sort of technological scrapbook of a relationship.

I think that idea is pretty cool. Somewhere, in a box in our basement, I have printouts of emails Rich and I sent each other in the early days and weeks of our relationship. We were long distance at the time, so we emailed more than might otherwise have been the case. I found the box when we were packing to move last year (or the year before that, I guess – my, how time flies). I smiled and showed Rich. I think he was surprised I had all that, but he does have a sentimental side (and don’t let him tell you different).

That sentimentality is buried somewhat in pragmatism, especially now that we have two kids and a slightly more complicated schedule. But I’m going to try to keep using Twyxt to collect relationship memorabilia by exploiting its terribly practical features. <Insert evil laughter>

As well as a calendar you can save photos:


With a “photos from today” function as well:


And of course calendar details (I quite like the notification options):


And a messaging function with cute (sappy?) emoticons:


So, what do you think? A relationship scrapbook for the digital age? It’s not the same as finding handwritten letters between your grandparents, lovingly signed and sent by mail, but I’m sure our grandchildren will find it appropriately charming and old-fashioned when the time comes.


Feeling romantic? Twyxt is free in the iPhone app store (and is coming soon for Android). To read more about this app, visit the Twyxt website.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post but the opinions and sappy relationship stories are all mine, baby. 



  1. I like useful apps, this looks fun!

  2. I thought the same thing about the iPhone up until I finally got one 2 years ago! This looks like a fun app!

  3. This app looks like it could be fun! I love my iphone. I’ve only had it for a few weeks now.