Brainstorm: A Focus for March

It’s February 28th. I’m not sure how that happened, but there you go.

After being diligent with my 30 days of exercise in January, I’m surprised — disappointed, even — that my goal of 20 minutes of intention daily in February has been tough. I’ve definitely learned from it, and have benefitted from it in many ways, but it wasn’t something that came naturally to me. I didn’t wake up each day thinking about what it would involve.

I think for something like this to work well for me it needs to be a specific thing. I actually love the idea of focusing on something for a month, but it needs to be one thing. 20 minutes of something didn’t work that well, but 20 minutes of a specific thing would probably be great.

So that brings me to March. I’d like to do something every day in March, but I’m stuck for ideas. I have a journal that has just been looking at me, so maybe something with that? But morning pages don’t work for me (too much kid interference) and I really struggle with trying to just write, even if it’s only two pages. I need a series of prompts or something…

I’ve pondered a photography challenge, like the photo-a-day ones, but I never remember to do it.

Maybe my challenge should be to actually have a shower before noon every day.


Help! Ideas? Links? Brainstorm with me – I need inspiration! I’ve only got a day to figure this out.

P.S. Speaking of inspiration, my latest post on Just.Be.Enough is about a nagging feeling of boredom and the desire to explore more opportunities. Come read!



  1. Push ups…100/day. I bet you knew I was going to say that :). Seriously though, I’m on day 18 and I’m getting more addicted to that feeling of strength. It’s very likely that instead of stopping at 30 days I will add on squats or tricep dips. Join me and tell me I’m wrong after 30 days or even 15. BTW I can do them all from my toes now…not all at once but I’m getting closer! Love you xo

    • You’re really mean to me, you know that? 😉

      I might do this next month. That’s cool that you can do some from your toes now!

      Love you too. xx

    • Oh, and one of these months I’m going to use that book of writing prompts you gave me and actually do one every day for a month. :)

  2. I’m terrible with sticking at something. I had to stop the Shred after 11 days because of my stupid knee. It’s just healed but I’m having difficulty getting started again. I abandoned my 365 last year after 3 months.

    So far, doing the self-portraits has been easy and fun. They are unplanned, and as I go about my day, I think, oh, good time to grab a picture. So I grab the camera, put it on timer and just jump back into whatever I was doing. Because I’m posting them daily on my blog’s FB page, I feel accountable, and I haven’t had trouble sticking to it. Though it’s only been 8 days……

    How about doing a simple 5-a-day gratitude list?

    • I’m loving your photos. I might try that at some point too. But that’s what I like about doing this monthly. It’s a short-term thing so it doesn’t get too boring or overwhelming and I get to push myself in different ways.

      I’ve decided on my thing for March. To be announced…

  3. Self-portrait a day! :)

    I also like Alison’s idea of a gratitude list.

  4. Reach out each day to someone you live and tell them, a new person every day :)

  5. Oh shoot, I meant LOVE

  6. I’m totally with you on needing something specific to focus on. If free writing and morning pages don’t work for you, what do you like to do in your journal? Maybe you could find a list of quotes or prompts and reply to one a day.

    You could also do an acts of kindness challenge. Or a “do something that scares you” challenge, but that might be too vague.

    You, more than anyone, know what your purpose is. Do that.

    • Oh, I love the acts of kindness idea. I’ll add that to my list for another month.

      Something that scares me might be good too, although I’m not actually sure there’s enough that scares me to do this for a month.

  7. I have not the faintest idea. But I think I need something to focus on, too. I am feeling lost these days, and it’s not a fun feeling at all.

    • Not fun at all. I started the January one on a challenge from a friend, but I really liked having something to focus on every day for that month. I decided to keep going but mix it up a little bit. I think with the right thing it can work really well.

  8. A day late-I know. But…perhaps write a very short story (sort of like for a children’s picture book)at a one-page-a-day rate. You could come up with something very unpredictable and wonderful!

  9. I have a hard time sticking to things. The only things I stick to are ones I’m truly passionate about.

    • That’s why I love doing one thing for a month. It’s a focus and if it’s something I really want to do I can do it for a month without feeling like I’ve committed to something forever.

  10. If you like the fitness thing, I would suggest planking each day. Start at a minute and add as you get stronger.

    If not, what about 20 minutes of reading while Connor “reads” on his own? I’ve been reading about how modeling reading yourself is another way to foster a love for reading in your kids, and I am going to try to do that more often with mine.

    • You nailed it! I had actually chosen reading, because I really need to do that more instead of wasting time on Facebook, but I love the idea of adding Connor to it. March, here we come! Thanks, Angela! :)

      And yeah, I might do planking one month too…

  11. I love Angela’s idea of reading (also the planking, but I hate planking). It would be an awesome thing to model for Connor and you could either get lost in a story or add to your knowledge base?

    • I actually don’t mind planking. I can do that pretty well – much better than push-ups or burpees. (Ick.) I might do a month of planking at some point.

      But the reading idea is the one I hit on, too.


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