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I’m not sure if I can honestly say I’ve been cognizant of pursuing my one word this last month. I think it’s almost been ingrained in me though. Get out there. Do stuff. See what happens. Just try it. 

It’s kind of nice.

I’ve been spending less time on the computer and more time on the floor with Connor (who is refusing to let me take his picture lately).

I decided it was time to stop being lazy and actually take both boys out one afternoon while Rich was working. We went to the zoo, and while it wasn’t the most successful trip ever (don’t ask) we did have fun and enjoyed some time in the sunshine. Plus, I really dig this dude’s hair.

We’ve still had snow here – a few big late-winter snowfalls and one near-blizzard. I’m a little sick of the snow-warm-melt-freeze-icy-sidewalk pattern we’ve got going on, but I definitely still appreciate the snow. It makes me want to go outside and really look at stuff. What can I say? I just like winter. Besides, it’s so photogenic.

We did some Ukrainian Easter eggs this weekend. I remember doing these as a kid, though evidently then I was less worried about how (not) artistic I am. Still, it was fun, and the colourful dye begs to be made into art.

Even the little guy has been getting in on the exploratory action. I suppose he’s inevitably going to be obsessed with LEGO.
baby with LEGO

We’ve just started him on solids too, but first we gave him some time in his high chair and let him play with a spoon. He definitely looked at the spoon like there was supposed to be something on it (and the next day when there was some cereal on it he was a big fan).
baby with a spoon
I’ve continued reading and am really enjoying it. (One thing, though – I’m reading a book right now and I think I’ve read it before but I’m not sure. Does this ever happen to you? I’m finding it odd, but I keep reading in hopes of remembering something other than a vague familiar feeling.)

I also read a book about writing for mothers and ohmygosh was it ever good. Presuming I can get over that whole is-it-good-enough thing I’ll share some of the writing I’ve done in response to the book’s exercises.

And finally, one of the things I did as part of choosing my word for the year was make a list of goals. And then I started exploring opportunities. Writing for Huffington Post was on that list. (I need to write over there again – ahem.) And so was blogging for a parenting site. And I can cross that one off now too!

Screen Shot 2013-03-23 at 10.36.56 PM

I’ve just started as a blogger for Yummy Mummy Club. My YMC blog is called Meant to Be and I’d love it if you’d come and follow along over there too. (There’s also an RSS feed if you’d like to follow that way.)

How is your year going so far?

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  1. Love that picture of the babe and the lego.
    I’m so glad that you introduced me to YMC!! That site is incredible! WOW.

  2. I think you’re doing so incredibly well, Robin, yay!

  3. Ok so my eyes are playing funny tricks on me and I can’t figure out what that first picture is…I know…I may need glasses.
    So proud of you and all that you’ve accomplished thus far. You’re a brilliant writer…and when you walk away from the computer to live, you gain better life experiences to write about…and you’re creating beautiful memories with your family.

  4. While the snow does make for pretty pictures and beautiful scenery, I am sick of it. We’re getting hit with a snow storm today and I’m not really thrilled about it. ;)

    So very excited for you in your new writing gig! You deserve it!! (Also, I’m really curious about the writing book that you read.)

  5. Look at you go, girl. :)

  6. That’s really wonderful that you don’t really have to consciously *think* about your word for the year. Love all the ways that you are getting out there and exploring and congrats on your new writing gig! And ohmygoodness your babe is so sweet!

  7. Your littlest man….SWOON! I’ve done that with movies before….watching one again that I didn’t pay enough attention to the first time, or it just wasn’t memorable enough for me to not watch it again. Ha! Congratulations on the new gigs, Robin!

  8. What a cutie!! He is AWESOME.

    Did you know my husband is (a) Ukrainian (descendant)? I knew I loved you for so many reasons. :)

  9. I’ve had that happen with a book before where I think i’ve read it but I’m not a 100% sure. It’s a weird feeling.

  10. Yes! The book thing – I’m reading it thinking, “This is way too familiar” but then, not totally, so I keep reading and never quite decide whether I have indeed read it before or not.

    Meanwhile – Ethan is GORGEOUS! Where has the time gone, lovely?


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