Snail Mail and a Minted Giveaway

Did you see that thing going around on Facebook in the first week of January? A bunch of people were posting that they’d send something by mail to the first 10 of their friends to comment and commit to posting the same in their status. I thought that was cool—an actual something in the mail! My mail is boring – I don’t even get paper bills anymore so it’s mostly just junk mail— so I posted it too.

I’ve done nothing about it yet, not because I forgot but because I want to send something cool and haven’t been able to decide what. A postcard from my city? Lame. A photograph? That would be cool but I don’t even know how to get photos printed anymore (geez). But I figured it out. I’m going to shop Minted – they of the cool cards and art prints and baby announcements. And have you seen Minted wedding invitations? (If they had been around when we got married we probably wouldn’t have been printing our invites at the last minute. Oh, who am I kidding? We totally would have.)

Minted has a site full of really great stuff, like children’s art prints:


Red fish, blue fish?


Connor would love this

Connor would love this

And great wall art and quotes:


One of my favourite quotes and appropriate for this week, I think

So, if you’re one of the people who signed up for snail mail from me you can expect something funky to come your way soon.

Want something from Minted for yourself? They’re offering one of my readers a $50 site credit. Just enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.

And spread the love this week, will you? This week and always.

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. I thought it was only for the first 5 friends who commented, so now I feel like a slacker. I do <3 though!

  2. maybe I’d buy some greeting cards :)

  3. Something fun that I could surprise my friends/family with. Robin’s right, snail mail isn’t so fun anymore so surprises are always good!

  4. I’m loving their abstract triangles art print in turquoise!

  5. Danielle says:

    I think I would get some mailing labels or a journal

  6. They have so much cool stuff!
    (I have all the stuff ready to send out for my 10 people but I haven’t got round to it yet, ack)

  7. Going through a divorce…something pretty to hang on my wall would be nice!

  8. I need some stationery. I’ve been trying to send more real mail too.

  9. I just shipped my stuff out last week! My first time mailing something international! So exciting! LOL

    Okay, so Minted. I’d love to win this and then give it to my cousin who just had a baby so she can buy baby announcements.

  10. These look gorgeous! Thanks for telling me about Minted, I had never heard of them before!

  11. I love getting REAL things in the mail, I don’t know I missed this whole mailing thing happening in January!

    I love the art prints from minted! I would love one of those, come September I will need one million birthday cards because apparently that’s when everyone I know was born.

  12. I would get some wall art for our new house! :)

  13. I’d get more thank you cards. I have beautiful Minted cards to send to all the people donating to my suicide prevention walk, and I don’t have enough!

  14. I’d love to use it for birth announcements when my son (first baby) arrives in August!

  15. I really need some new thank you cards!

  16. I’d buy birth announcements!

  17. I’m looking for things for the wall in my son’s playroom. They have such nice things!

  18. I would get thank you notes!

  19. LaShanda says:

    Amy placecards.

  20. Mailing labels for sure! I write a lot of letters!

  21. I think I’d get a couple photo art prints of my family!

  22. Stationary and a mother’s day card :)

  23. lisa bolduc says:

    the Ice Cream Monogram Art Prints would be perfect for my kitchen, hubby and i are both big ice cream fans. i worked at DQ for over 11 years.

  24. angela m says:

    I would spend it on Holiday cards

  25. I like the “sweet and simple adult thank you greeting cards”

  26. T.h.Ransom says:

    I would like to get the Chalkboard Dreams Journals