Baby Food and Funny Faces

I’m totally turning into one of those moms who think her baby eating solid food is the cutest thing ever. And yes I’m going to share it with you, too. But trust me, it’s cute.

I was so sure Ethan was going to love solids because he was practically taking our forks from us at dinnertime before he started eating. But not so much. The faces he makes just kill me – I can imagine from looking at him what it must be like to taste some of these things for the first time. You’d think we were feeding him lemons or something.

baby making face

He’s got his act down – take a bite, make a face, swallow very carefully, shudder. Makes me laugh every time.

Oh here, you need to see it in action:

Okay, so he didn’t swallow that one. (Yeah, I know. That’s gross. Hey, you’re the one reading a mom blog.)

But seriously. That’s banana. What baby doesn’t like banana?!

The only thing Connor didn’t like at first was carrot. He quite adamantly refused to eat any, but with everything else he was quite happy to gobble it up. Based on Ethan’s reaction to everything else I wasn’t very optimistic that carrot would be especially well-received, but it was actually the first thing we fed him that he loved. He liked carrots better than pear! Weird baby.

Since we started him on carrots he’s been much more enthusiastic about eating in general. See?

baby with mouth open wide

He sits there like a little baby bird with his mouth wide open, and if we don’t spoon it in there fast enough he complains.

Have I mentioned this kid cracks me up? Just wait until we try to get him to eat meat.


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  1. CUTE! My daughter is going on 3 years old and I have to say that I’m getting the baby fever especially remembering all these adorable first meal moments. I just can’t imagine that the next time I’m pregnant would be the LAST time.

  2. I love baby eating videos, adorable! I have TONS of photos and videos of both my boys eating. And spitting. And food throwing.

    Both of my kids are hilarious when they eat something cold. They shudder, and it goes from the top of the head to the bottom of their toes. It’s adorable. Then they ask for more.

  3. What, are you TORTURING him? ha ha

    I got such a chuckle out of this one.

  4. Cute! Neither one of my kids liked bananas, and one still doesn’t, 5 years later.

  5. I used to feed James peaches just to watch the horrible face he made afterward. It was hilarious. And yes, I know I’m a horrible person.

  6. My girls and I just laughed so much watching this! And when your laugh got louder so did ours. I’m not a fan of banana either so I totally get where Ethan is coming from with this. :-)

  7. My son hated being spoon fed so much I eventually just told him to feed himself. Which he did. Happily. But his reaction was not nearly as funny as your little one’s.

  8. My god he is adorable!

  9. Awww… baby faces are cute!

  10. That video is the best thing I’ve watched in a long time! So cute!

  11. Cute!! We’ve got the same thing happening here. My son (who I think is similar to yours in age) refused banana and apple and sweet potatoes! The faces he made were hilarious! But carrots went right down. Funny little guys :)

  12. Shelby didn’t like bananas either. Now she loves them! Maybe your LO would do well with baby-led weaning? I just happened to read a post about a baby who didn’t take to purees but loves chunks she can feed herself: