The Wishing Tree

He wanted to go to the Science Centre, he said. So we went.

He played with light and did experiments with air and built things with colourful pieces made from all kinds of things.

I read wishes.

The papers were green that time. They hang from string all over the wishing tree, and if you stand here and duck there and peer through you can immerse yourself in wishes.

Some are simple, yet wise beyond the years of those who wrote them.

I wish to be joyful always.

Some are fanciful.

I wish to be Mario to save Peach.

Some made me wonder. (Why can’t you?)

I wish I could see butterflies in the sky.

Some are grandiose. All-encompassing. World-changing.

I wish for all children to be happy, carefree and well-educated.

Some aren’t.

I wish Pokemon were real.

For some I’d wave my wand and grant them right now. If only I had one.

I wish I will live long enough to see my grandkids grow up.

Sometimes the things we wish for are simple.

My wish is to have a pogostick.

Sometimes they’re simply beautiful.

I wish for everyone to be kind.

Some wishes seem to be connected to each other.

I wish I can skate/I wish my knees would stop hurting.

And some connect us to everyone.

World of peace/a journey to the first star I see.

What would you wish for?





  1. I love the idea of a wishing tree.
    Also that ‘Wishing’ is part of my blog name. :)
    I wish for many things – for the grandiose, the ridiculous, the simple. Most of all, I wish for contentment, knowing that I’ve accomplished something, that my kids are safe, sound and happy. For my loved ones and friends to be the same.

  2. What a beautiful idea. Some of those broke my heart.

  3. There is something about seeing these wishes that make my heart break and expand all at once. They are so – personal, and yet anonymous. I think I need to find myself a wishing tree.

  4. I love this. So, so sweet.

  5. I wish for a few things too. A couple of which were on the kids list #pokemon.

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  6. Oh, I love this. It’s so interesting getting a peek into other people’s wishes.

  7. I love this post! I wish I had looked at the wishing tree closer when I was there. I didn’t even realize what it was. I love to see what children wish for. So sweet and so personal.

  8. What a beautiful and simple idea. I love hearing children’s wishes. Right now, I’m wishing a little child of my own would wake up from his nap so we can play! (:

  9. Oh I LOVE this idea! So simple and beautiful and perfect. I am wishing for more time each day.

  10. Honestly, most of the things I can think of would be selfish. I wish I didn’t feel like crap. I wish I had all the money I could ever use. I wish my kid(s) amazing lives. If I had 3 wishes, though, I think I’d make at least 1 of them for the better of humanity.

  11. This is lovely. And sad. And inspiring. And adorable.

  12. I love how people just put it out there. What they really DO wish for. But a pogostick? lol.

  13. What a lovely, thought-provoking post. I wonder what I would wish for…

  14. Those are beautiful. I don’t know what I’d wish for. :)

  15. I love this. Here’s hoping at least some of them come true…

  16. This is an AWWWW post if I ever saw one.

  17. Like many others have already said, this makes me want a wishing tree of my own. It’s like a vision board of words and we could all use that in our lives.