Stealing Nemo

It’s tough being a younger brother. Especially when your big brother thinks your toys are cool and wants to play with them himself.

Poor Ethan. The older he gets, the cooler his toys, the more Connor steals them. We’ve taught Connor the art of distraction; originally intended to give him a tactic to use when Ethan has stolen something of Connor’s (find something else he’ll like and you can take your toy back), Connor has started using it to take Ethan’s toys so he can check them out. He’s not always terribly smooth, though, and we’re usually alerted to the heist by Ethan’s wail. Man, can that kid wail. I’ll have to try to take a picture at some point, because his facial expression [You stole that from me! How COULD you?!] is priceless.

I’ve started feeling a bit like a bodyguard for baby toys, but we had a bit of a win recently. A new toy for Ethan came in the mail, so he and I opened it while Connor wasn’t home.

I think he likes it.


Hey, there’s Nemo! 


It’s the Disney Baby Finding Nemo Amazing Animals Rollin’ Round Ramp, and when Connor got home later that afternoon, he was pretty excited about this new toy too. He scooped Nemo up, rolled him down the ramp to make the starfish sing, and then tucked him behind the open-and-close door. He greeted Bloat and gave him a spin. (The magic of Disney is strong in this house, I tell you.) Ethan watched, enchanted by all the toy could do, but behind the curious eyes I could see the wail building.

Luckily I was able to use the distraction ploy on Connor: the jumbo-sized bubble wrap the toy was packed in was immediately appealing and we avoided any loud complaints from Ethan.

As long as I keep the bubble wrap handy I think Ethan will have Nemo to himself.



Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Disney. I received this toy and financial compensation in exchange for sharing it with you. Sharing the information, I mean. Not the toy. Because that’s Ethan’s. Oh, you know what I mean…

About the toy:

The Disney Baby Finding Nemo Amazing Animals Rollin’ Round Ramp is a fun play set for baby that features characters from Disney’s Finding Nemo, plus adorable tunes and SFX. The play set includes a brightly coloured Nemo character, complete with a fun roller-ball on his belly. The lively tunes & SFX are activated as Nemo slides down the ramp or as baby pushes the starfish button. The tote features an open/close door for put-and-take play, a roller-ball Bloat to bat at, and a seahorse slider. The richly detailed handle makes this play set perfect for play at home or on the go!




  1. That is a seriously cute toy! And my littlest knows ALL about his toys getting stolen.

  2. Oh my God, his face is the picture of BLISS! And what a cutie pie toy…I can see the attraction. 😉

  3. Cute! I need to look into getting one for my littles. Except I’m also not sure they would be very good at sharing lol

  4. My big one thinks baby toys are cool. He also thinks that they are all his. Sigh.
    The Nemo toy looks very awesome. And gosh, Ethan’s face, I want to smoosh him.

  5. The toy is super cute. But that smile and those baby boy jeans are cuter. 😉

  6. I love Nemo!!! I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Now I want one.

  7. I remember the appeal of the baby toys – they are so irresistible. :)

  8. Such a cute toy! My daughter loves Nemo.

  9. I love that bubble wrap can entertain them for hours. I too have the issue of my oldest thinking every toy is his. Everything that comes out of storage is suddenly HIS!