First Day of Kindergarten

Connor had kindergarten orientation yesterday, just half an hour with three other kids. Parents stayed, they did a scavenger hunt to learn about their classroom, and his teacher gave the parents a gift – a Kleenex (to dry our tears) and a tea bag (to have a calm cup of tea after dropping them off for their first day), along with a lovely note about entrusting our kids to her for the year.

Connor loved it. He was excited about school and he really likes his teacher.

Today was the first official day – the day he got dropped off and changed his shoes and then hung his own backpack and sweater on his hook. The day he went to sit at his desk, in a group with three other kids, and got to see what school will be like for the coming year.

This morning he went in happily but came out a little overwhelmed. I can imagine; I don’t think I was especially keen on throwing myself into a classroom with a bunch of other five-year-olds either. (I was shy but cute.)

But he will be fine. He’ll be great, actually. And us? We probably won’t need the Kleenex (though certainly have an appreciation for a calming cup of tea).

Kindergarten has begun.

first day of kindergarten picture



  1. I’m glad he had a good first day. The best is yet to come!

  2. I remember being overwhelmed, too. It is a big change.
    I hope he enjoys kindergarten!

  3. Mrs T sounds fabulous. Sounds like it will be a great year for Connor. Is mama enjoying a little bit of quiet time?

  4. Excited for Connor!! Have a great kindergarten year, young man!

  5. Just think of it this way, we as adults get overwhelmed with new things…long days…changes in schedule…out of comfort zone…so I think that the little man did a fabulous job and it will only get easier!
    Drop off is the worst part for us. How many more months to go??

  6. It is pretty overwhelming. Hannah can’t remember any names or anything they did during the day. It’s all a blur to her!

  7. Too cute. Its been overwhelming for us too. But Ronin isn’t doing too bad. What a big change!

  8. Love the photo and really love that you didn’t need the Kleenex.

  9. What a great photo idea!!!

  10. Love the photo of Connor. It’s all a bit overwhelming but I love that he says, “Dad, you can go now.” My kids basically shoo me out of the classroom.

  11. I really love that little gift they give to parents. Sounds like a great first day!


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