Explore: Summer in Pictures (Vol. 5)

We had rain last week, cool after what seems like endless hot summer days. The water park in our community closed has closed. Fall is here.

But, oh, the summer was good.

Through no actual intent or forethought on my part, I planned my maternity leave perfectly. Going back to work in October (one more week! Already! How can that be?) is a beautiful thing. I had the summer to explore, play, and travel with my family. I think we made the most of it, and now I’ve had September to help with the transition to Kindergarten.

(And speaking of exploring, I’ve given up my Yummy Mummy Club blog. I just decided it’s time to focus elsewhere.)

In any case, I realized it’s been a while since my last one-word update and what I’ve been exploring, so this is a bit of a photo dump to share some parts of our summer.

We did a few different trips over the last few months.


We went to the mountains. We looked way up at them, and we looked down at the world from their peaks.


Finally, after much anticipation, we went to San Diego. We dipped our toes in the water.


We played in the sand. (This is his “beach face.”)


Oh yes, we went there.


And it was a hit.


San Diego is such a beautiful place.


One night after Ethan was asleep Connor and I went for a walk along the boardwalk. Well, I walked. He wanted to go in the stroller, which he very much does not fit in anymore, but we managed to get him all tucked in there. He hunched beneath the canopy, so quiet I hardly knew he was there. We walked, all along the boardwalk and out to the end of the pier. We got ice cream. It was lovely. The perfect evening.


Below is the view from our room on our last night. I wasn’t awake nearly late enough to fully appreciate it. (I love marinas.)

Yes, San Diego was great. (We even got to visit Tonya.)


We also visited our best friends.


And got in touch with dinosaurs.


We went Stampeding.


And even dressed the part.


We camped. (This is his “hi!” face.)


And we went to farmers’ markets.


Lots of ’em.


Yes, it was good.


How was your summer?

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  1. I love that you went exploring and soaked in all the beauty out there.
    And your children are adorable!

  2. We had a great summer. I love your pictures and all of your exploring. Those mountains are beautiful, it is so flat where I live.

  3. Looks like it was a beautiful summer! I love San Diego. It’s the perfect place to soak up the sunshine. I really can’t believe summer is over.

  4. What wonderful summer adventures! Camping, mountains and the beach – so much fun. And your walk on the boardwalk sounds just lovely. :)

  5. Your pictures are fantastic. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Love the pics of your kids having such a good time.

  6. An amazing summer full of incredible adventures! Looks like you for sure lived it to the fullest. Amazing!

  7. Great pictures, Robin.
    We had a long, hot summer here in Merritt as well. Lots of camping and a new puppy :)
    I’m glad fall is here, we had the first frost last night.
    San Diego is awesome, I was there a long time ago and stayed at the Hotel del Coronado on the Coronado peninsula. The hotel was amazing and pretty old – Thomas Edison actually put the electrical wiring in there himself!
    Good luck with going back to work!

  8. Robin, your pictures are so lovely. What a great summer you had!

  9. That sunset photo of the boardwalk – gorgeous! And I love marinas too! All those boats… I’m so glad you had such a wonderful summer time with your beautiful family, Robin!

  10. Those pier and marina pictures are incredible! I’m visiting CA for the first time ever in a couple of weeks, and I’m really excited.

    And his squishy little face! I just want to smoosh his cheeks. SMOOOOOOSH.

  11. It rained here.
    A lot.
    But it didn’t stop us. Funny you went to Lego Land. My son would have died. Was it a mad house?
    You make beautiful babies my friend.
    I hope that next week’s transition goes smoothly.

    • Thanks, my friend. And Legoland wasn’t really a mad house. In fact, it was the least busy of all the places we went – some lines but nothing crazy. Interestingly, Connor liked SeaWorld better.

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