Finding Magic

You won’t often find me blogging about work—I try to keep some space between work and blogging, and there’s not much I could (or would) say that would be of much interest to anyone else—but yesterday was a pretty cool day.

For months now we’ve been working towards a big announcement and one that I knew would be pretty cool. But I really didn’t imagine how cool. You see, I work for an airline and we’ve done something as part of our partnership with Disney. It looks like this:


I knew what the design entailed but I hadn’t actually seen it, because I wanted to keep something a surprise. So when I went into our hangar this morning in time to catch the last rehearsal of the big reveal I was pretty excited. We ran through speeches and introduced Mickey Mouse and played the video…and then the curtain dropped. It just… I mean, it looks SO cool.

The team responsible for the event did a really good job. The lighting and music made for a really fun atmosphere, and Disney provided the crowd with Mickey ears that light up in sync with elements of the show. When they changed from random colours on the heads around the room to coordinated colours I was reminded of why Disney has the market on magic firmly in their corner.


There was a huge curtain covering half the hangar and at the end of the presentation it dropped. It was totally a goosebumpy moment.


So why am I sharing this with you? Because this working-mom-of-two gig is hard – way harder than I imagined it would be. I’m struggling with it – the hours, the commute, the normal, corporate-job frustrations. We all have them, and I don’t know what the answer is. Maybe there isn’t one. Maybe this is just how it is when our kids are small.


But I had a moment of magic at work yesterday, and it was nice, and needed.

I know not everyone has Mickey Mouse visit them at work, but I bet we all have a source of magic in our lives if only we take the time to look for it.


What’s yours?


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  1. OMG Robin, that is awesome! I totally had goose bumps and maybe even got a little teary-eyed (OK, I totally did). Disney is magical and we’ve taken our kids there a few times, once to Paris and once to LA (and I’ve been a few times more by myself, ahem).
    That airplane looks amazing!
    As for the working-mom-of-two thing – I think you nailed it: that’s just how it is when the kids are little. It does get better, I promise!

  2. I am totally IN LOVE WITH THE MICKEY PLANE!!!!!!

    As for the working mom thing – dude, I don’t know. I cannot fathom going to work, and managing two very young children. I take my hat off to you and all the working mothers, it’s freaking challenging.

  3. Coolest. Plane. EVER! It will be difficult to find another workday that tops this! But I think you’re right – there’s often magic, though maybe not as obvious, in our daily lives. My work has been a tad trying as of late, so I appreciate this reminder to look for the magic amidst my frustrations.

  4. I love that you got such a (large) touch of magic at work – that plane is awesome!

    And I can tell you as a working mom of 3 (two who are a bit older at 12 and 9) that I truly think it does get easier as they get older. And I honestly think I’m a better mom as a working mom than I would be staying at home, for what it’s worth. There are just some days that it’s gonna suck! And it’s never really easy. But I don’t think staying at home would be easier, at least for me.

  5. WOW. That is really cool! I got chills just looking at the pics. Damn Disney, they do have the corner on magic! 😉 I am glad to know where you work too. Just getting to know you better is always good.

    Glad you had some extra magic in your day, Robin.


  6. what an incredible day you must have had!

  7. That’s pretty cool!

  8. That plane is INSANE, and I love that the hats were synced! How do they do that??? I wish I had answers for you about the working mom thing. At the very least, I hope it gets easier for you.

  9. Wow! That’s an incredibly good work day. Thank you for sharing. I went to Disneyland Paris about ten years ago and, although not a mega fan or anything, I couldn’t help getting goosebumpy and teary during the parade <3

    Currently beginning the search for a part time job, so may well soon be entering the scary world of the working mum – but I think (hope!) it will be the best for me and for my relationship with my son. Wish me luck! :-/

  10. Thanks for this behind the scenes glimpse! It is pretty cool and I bet seeing it in person is down right special.

  11. OMG! That is so exciting! Congratulations that’s a huge thing to be a part of, I bet your kids were excited to see the picture with Mickey.

  12. I love that plane! So awesome!
    Working outside the home and raising children is so challenging, I am glad you caught some magic that day. And I think you’re right, we can usually find some if we look. :)

  13. I’m totally in love with the Mickey plane. It looks amazing. I’m not a huge Disney fan but I realized the magic of it all when we took our boys to Disney World last year. And the working mom thing? I don’t know. I feel somewhat lucky in that I freelance and have a flexible schedule but it also has its challenges and frustrations.

  14. Robin, this is SO COOL! I think a photo with Mickey could be considered a huge perk of your job, no matter how hard it is. And let me say that no matter what we do, there will always be days (months?) where we feel like we’re not doing enough. But we are. Always. xoxo