Missing: Inspiration

The new year is normally soaked with inspiration for me, like a path laid down just waiting for me to walk it.

I never quite found that path this year.

snowy path

I looked for it. I waited. I read the usual things and saw the usual references to potential and opportunity and new. But by the time the new year came it seemed like the path had been walked by everyone else already.

This time last year I was pursuing my goal of exercising for 30 days straight and looking forward to a year of adventure and exploration. This time last year, not incidentally, I was on mat leave.

Maybe the path is always well-worn and maybe it’s up to us to find our own footsteps or our own way to walk it. Or maybe my path is just filled with other things right now.

Every other year, it seems, I have felt like I can do anything. Anything! I just have to decide what to aim for. And then of course the inevitable everydayness sneaks in and turns that anything into well, maybe something and eventually it’s more like at least I can do a few things, but it has always started as a wide open space.

This year that wide open space is filled with laundry.

It’s hard to make new goals and seize opportunities when it’s all I can do to remember which day we need to put the bins out and when I’ve been carrying cheques in my wallet for weeks (months?) because I can’t figure out how to get into the bank to deposit them (because cheques in US funds need to be deposited in person and do you ever find yourself in a situation like this where you wonder if it’s really worth the 30 bucks?).

So I haven’t found my 2014 inspiration. I’ve chosen my one word for the year—or, I suppose, it chose me—but I haven’t quite managed to commit to it. I haven’t spoken it out loud.

Maybe this year, this time – maybe right now I need a different path. Maybe inspiration will only come in small doses.

Think small instead of big and a month instead of a year at a time. Chase moments instead of mountains.

It’s a different path forward, but it will be okay, I guess.

It’s an okay path.

I’m trying to believe that.

How is your new year going?


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  1. There is nothing wrong with small goals. Sometimes, they lead to big things. xoxo

  2. I think your path can be whatever you want it and need it to be – no matter how well-travelled or big or small. I’m sure you’re already walking it :)

  3. I agree with Kerstin. Life is what happens while you’re waiting for the big things. For anything to happen at all someone has to do the laundry, grow or cook the good, shovel the snow or whatever. We need to be less hard on ourselves and enjoy the moment and the little things. It’s easy for me to say that because 1. I like the little things and 2. I never get anything else done because life intervenes.

  4. Ironically, my goal for the new year is to just live in the moment, appreciate the tiny things that bring us joy and take away the pressure of the huge goals.

    Don’t put pressure on yourself, just BE. And enjoy being xxx

  5. Big people are up to big things! You are an amazing and beautiful woman. Take action and make whatever you create for yourself and your year NOW! The world is full of possibility.

  6. I totally agree with Kirsten. I have stopped searching and amazingly a lot happens. I don’t know how to put it into words but the day I stopped searching and chasing, I felt much lighter and better.

  7. I get the every other year thing. Last year I wasn’t motivated to do or change anything, probably because 2012 was so full of change that I couldn’t handle anything big for 2013. This year I’m much more motivated and ready for big things. I think some times it’s ok to just let a new year come and not do anything different.

  8. I choose small goals at a time and work from there. I try not to look at the whole year, it becomes too overwhelming.

  9. The everydayness is what’s getting to me too. Why do we have to wake up and eat and eat again and do laundry and clean and brush teeth… every single day? Even on vacation you have to do these things. Ug.

  10. I don’t think every new year has to be A Big Time of Change and Inspiration. I think sometimes, it’s enough to cruise along for a little while. It’s like with exercising, or training, or dieting….after a while, all of the progress stops and if you don’t rest and take a little break from The Results, you won’t get any more Results. Know what I mean?

  11. “Chase moments instead of mountains.”

    I like that.

  12. Oh man, I hear you, my friend! When you’re busy, goals tend to get shoved to the side. The new year has sort of snuck up on me this year too. I can’t report anything remarkable in terms of motivation.

  13. Oh man, I am feeling you on this. Especially this–“This year that wide open space is filled with laundry.”
    I have no big plan or dream, no word of the year…
    But I kind of think reversing it will be better. Starting small, with lower expectations and building, or not. I love it. I’m totally following you down your 2014 path. Happy new year!

  14. I think that if you want to do big things then you have to be the one to come up with the big things you want to do. I read today that inspiration is saying you want to do something, but that commitment is saying you will do something. Maybe what’s missing isn’t the idea, but the promise.

  15. I feel the same way, Robin. I tried setting two goals at the beginning of this month, with a fresh start I thought I could do it. But about ten days into it, when I had momentum going and was feeling pretty good about these goals I had set and was reaching, I caught the flu. It wasn’t fun, but it taught me that we’re going to have setbacks and things that get in the way, but as long as we can get back up and keep trying- that’s what counts.

    Great post. xoxo