Look to the Sky

I left work late tonight, as is often the case these days. But I guess the days are indeed getting longer, because instead of being dark the sky was full of brilliant tiger stripes of colour – pink and red and orange and wisps of blue. The city skyline was a barely lit silhouette, and at the end of the wash of colour was the outline of the mountains and a brilliant, golden glare as the sun started to sink behind the horizon. It was incredible. Stop-to-take-a-picture incredible. (But of course no picture I could take would ever do it justice.)

I breathe deeply when I see sunsets like that (even if I’m in my car). And in doing so I pause, sometimes just figuratively and often just for a moment, and think about something other than what I have to do next.

brick wall

Your comments on my post about missing inspiration were interesting. Good interesting, even though I don’t agree with many of you, including my mother. (Sorry, mom.)

Here’s the thing: I like that wide open space of a new year. I love the anything-is-possible feeling. I thrive on change and possibility and new. Day-to-day life gets boring pretty fast, and if I don’t have something to jolt me into a new perspective I will blink and 20 years will have gone by and my small boys will be big and all I will remember is how much laundry I did.

That is not how I wish to live my life.

I realized, upon reading (and railing against) some of those comments on that last post, that I don’t necessarily want some huge, gigantic goal and I’m not really looking for change. But I also don’t want to let life just happen. I prefer living with intention.

That’s why I’ve chosen one word as a guide post for the last few years. It’s why I have a life list and why I breathe in sunsets.

Northern lights in night sky

So where does that leave me? I’m not sure yet. I will probably start by committing to my one word for 2014 (and sharing it here). I’m going to make some changes to my day-to-day focus and schedule. I’m going to move away from feeling stuck in the everydayness of wake/feed children/commute/work/commute/feed children/put children to bed/walk dog/do dishes/fold laundry/repeat.

I’m going to look to the sky. And see where it takes me.



  1. “Moving away from feeling stuck in the everydayness” – that sounds like a great path to me. And that sky with the Northern Lights? To see those is definitely on my bucket list. Wow.

  2. Laurel Hounslow says:

    You don’t need to be sorry. :) I didn’t say you were wrong, just said I agreed with Kristen. To thine own self be true, right? I like to look at the big picture and the wide, wide world and then revel in the most minute things. It’s why I really get along best with small people – I like the things best that grownups get bored with like plants and pine cones and trees and skies and stars and squirrels. And mountains and small people. And it’s why I take endless pictures of those little and often boring things. But it’s just my reality, not everyone’s. At my advanced age I am comfortable in my boots. Don’t know that I was at 39 and a bit.

  3. Love that you’re looking within for this year ahead! Can’t wait to read what your word will be!

  4. Do I ever feel you! My last 2 years I just “let happen” (with a couple of notable exceptions) so this year I’ve already started living with intention. Picking up old hobbies I had let lapse. Getting into new commitments. I tried putting together a list of “everything great that happened in 2013” and my list was VERY short (a new job – and that’s about it) so I’m determined that I’ll be able to list one or two things for every MONTH this year. Kudos to you, and good luck to us both :)

  5. The everydayness will always be around. That’s life. But the feeling of being stuck in it can only be changed by you. Sometimes all you need to get away from that is a shift of focus. At least that’s what works for me anyway.

  6. Sounds to me like you’ve got a good plan in place!
    May 2014 be a year of whatever-you-intend-it-to-be. :)

  7. I know the feeling of being stuck in the everydayness. I feel it too especially this time of year. Good luck to you :)

  8. We all have our routines that can slowly suffocate us. The fact that you realize that is NOT what you want is the very reason why I believe you will do what you set out to do. It’s hard not to fall into the ruts, and sometimes it only takes our own fortitude to get out of them.


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