Quiet at the Car Wash

Sometimes moments of quiet appear in the oddest places.

car wash entrance

I’d been staring at my horribly dirty car for a few weeks, feeling like finding the time to get it washed was one more thing I couldn’t fit in. Maybe even the one thing that would put me over the top from managing to it’s-all-too-much.

You know how sometimes it’s the silly, stupid, small things that do that?

I decided not to let my dirty car do that.

Last weekend I had a window of time on Sunday afternoon. I had some other errands to do that would take me in the neighbourhood of the car wash and decided I’d run through while I was out. But instead of just tacking it on to the end of a series of errands I decided to use it to my advantage.

I took a magazine with me, turned off the radio, and sat in the quiet. I waited in line at a time when I would normally have felt rushed and I just…sat.

Self-care at the car wash. Who knew?

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  1. Sometimes I arrive at my daughter’s school early just to sit in my car with no chores or distractions. I used to spend my lunch break in the car just to decompress.

  2. That sounds pretty wonderful actually. Sometimes after buckling both kids in to the car, I stand outside the car in the quiet. Just for a minute because I can hear them yelling for me to get in through the windows. It’s those little moments. Glad you found one.

  3. I love when I have the car to myself. I turn the radio up loud and listen to the 90’s alternative station.

  4. I hate to wait. But it can be okay sometimes. You know, like this. And a clean car too, BONUS! :)

  5. It’s those unexpected moments of silence that are so welcomed! I don’t ever make time to go to the car wash either, but I should… my car is a disaster.

  6. Any quiet moment I can get to myself is blissful. You have to take advantage of those. Sometimes I grocery shop at night, take my iPod and my headphones and just lazily wander around the store with my cart. I can’t hear anyone else’s kids or the store’s terrible music. There’s no rush to finish shopping before someone melts down or breaks something. It’s mundane, but it’s me time.

  7. what a great idea. sit and relax and enjoy the experience. Love it.

  8. That does sound lovely. I enjoy quiet now so much more than I used to.

  9. The car wash is one of those times when you have to sit and wait, so you might as well enjoy it. Glad you got the time to do it – and had the attitude to appreciate it!

  10. Oh my car needs washing so badly. But it also needs to have the tires filled so I feel like I can’t do it alone. Need help.

    I know just what you mean about those little things adding up to overwhelm.