Valentines for 5-Year-Olds


“Great job writing your friends’ names, buddy. Whose do you want to do next?”

“I want to do mine.”

“Well, let’s pick one for someone in your class and then you can have the ones that are left over.”

He does two or three more, and the conversation repeats.

“Should we do Jackson’s?”

“I want to do mine.”

“…Okay, but you don’t normally give a valentine to yourself. We do have to do one for everyone in your class.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I’m your mother and I’m smart.” He looks unconvinced. “I’ve done valentines before. Who’s next?”

“I’m going to do mine.”

“All right, fine. Do one for yourself and then we’ll keep going on the list.”

He does one for himself.

To: Connor

From: Connor

Momentarily satisfied, he writes a few more classmates’ names, and then we move from the cards with the gel things to the ones with the button things. “You’re wild!” says the card with the monkey picture.

“I want one of these too,” he says, and addresses another one to himself.

To: Connor

From: Connor

I don’t even argue this time. It occurs to me that one of us doesn’t get it, and I’m not sure it’s me.

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  1. I think it’s adorable that he wanted to give Valentine’s to himself :)

  2. self love. We don’t have enough of it. :)

  3. Henry does that, too….he wrote himself a valentine first, I think. And then all of the others needed one as well. :) Those valentines are pretty cool!

  4. My middle girl always does at least one for herself :) They’re so funny!

  5. Those are really cute valentine’s I can see why he would want one for himself.

  6. I love this! It’s true – let him give himself a Valentine or two!

  7. You kind of kicked me in the teeth with that last line. Kids always want to give themselves Valentines. I never thought why.

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