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I have nearly 10 years’ experience as a writer, speaker, and communications professional. My experience in the last few years has focused on my two passions— motherhood and mental health—and I use my solid standing in many different communities to explore, share, and promote these topics.

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My specialties include motherhood, parenting, postpartum depression and mental health, careers, communications and social media.

Being a parent is HARD. Being a mom with postpartum depression especially so. The world is full of pressure to be a Pinterest-worthy parent, but the truth is that no one is Pinterest-perfect. Not even the parents whose “perfect” houses and magazine-pretty crafts you see there. Why can’t we just be real about what being a parent is like? I like to share real stories and suggestions that will help parents everywhere remember that they’re not alone and that if your kid thinks you don’t know how to make a snowman it’s okay.

I’ve got lots of experience in (and passion for) writing about postpartum depression, mental health, motherhood and parenting. I’m currently a contributing writer at:



Yummy Mummy Club



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Postpartum Progress




5 minutes for mom


5 Minutes for Mom





Huffington Post



Previously, I wrote for World Moms Blog (listed in Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women in 2012) and I was the primary careers blogger for Sympatico’s YourMoney.ca for two years from 2011 to 2012.

My writing has also been featured on Scary Mommy, the What to Expect blog and moonfrye (which is where you’ll find my snowman story).








In 2011 I did a TEDx talk about how using art (writing, in my case) can help us break down the barriers to mental health and provide people with a voice.

In addition to being a TEDx speaker, my speaking experience includes conferences and workshops across North America, for which I’ve received consistently high ratings (available upon request).

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To get in touch about writing or speaking opportunities, email mamarobinj@farewellstranger.com.

You can also view my LinkedIn profile or my visual CV.