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with mom on first day of preschool

With Connor

Used to be a fairly competent person. Had a baby. I think they removed my competence with the c-section.

I’m Robin – a woman, a writer, a wife, a runner, a communications professional, a speaker and a mom. At least that’s the chronological order of my current roles in life. Having undiagnosed postpartum depression after my first son was born in 2008 mixed me up philosophically in quite a spectacular way.

My son, Connor, is now four and he’s amazing – amazing in his curiosity, amazing in his love, amazing in that he still doesn’t sleep enough. I love him dearly, but I lost myself in him. In good ways as well as bad, but the bad took me by surprise.

I started this blog as a way of writing myself out of the bad and to try to find myself again. I’ve done that and more – I’ve found a better me, and a whole community of mothers I can relate to as well. And I found my way to being a mom again. With the addition of Ethan, born in October 2012, I now have two little boys to rock my world.

Ethan in carrier

With Ethan

I’m a fatalist by nature, and while I didn’t appreciate it at the time there was beauty in my breakdown. I see it now and it’s changed what I think my life is meant to be about.

Being a mom is hard, no matter what your experience. If sharing my story helps other moms then so much the better.

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