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PPD resources and support

Some PPD resources I recommend:


Postpartum Progress: The most widely read blog on postpartum mood disorders. (I’m a member of the Warrior Mom Leadership Team and a regular contributor to the blog.)


Daily Hope is an email service through Katherine Stone and Postpartum Progress. Subscribe and get a daily email with a hopeful message to encourage you through your battle with PPD or other Postpartum Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

Daily Hope with Katherine Stone

PPDChat is an amazing community on Twitter and Facebook. You can read more in my post about it.

#PPDChat Schedule, Topics, and More

Buying a pair of cute Jammies supports mothers fighting postpartum mood disorders:


Mama’s Comfort Camp is a community for mothers who want to talk about the good and the good-thing-they’re-cute:

Mama's Comfort Camp


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