Me and Memory Lane

So remember how I said I was going to read as a focus for March? One of the things I didn’t anticipate was that I’d get so sucked into reading really good stuff that it would make me critical of my own writing. I’ve never been one to write and edit and revise and edit some more; I just hit publish. (Perhaps you’ve noticed.) So now I have posts in draft and I don’t want to publish them until they’re perfect. But what is perfect when it comes to writing? There is no such thing.

Hey, maybe I can publish them and revise them later and the publish them again as an exercise in improving my writing… Yes? No?

I digress.

Luckily Elaine and Heather have saved me for the time being with something fun they’re calling Old School Blogging.

Nice! This I can do. So without any further self-doubting rambling, here’s my response to the meme.

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was working in human resources at an astrophysical observatory and thinking that perhaps I should have paid more attention in science classes.

What five things are on your to-do list?

I love how this presumes I only have five things on my to-do list. Here are the oldest items:

1. Send my passport renewal in. You know, the one I’ve had sitting around since July of last year (after Passport Canada sent my first application back because they didn’t like the photo. Heck, I didn’t like the photo either but I was willing to have it in my passport for five years).

2. Get the windshield on my car replaced.

3. Get the muffler on my car replaced.

(Anyone want to come and do these things for me? I hate doing car stuff.)

4. Submit the last few address change requests. What? We’ve only lived here for a year. And a bit.

5. Order a birth certificate for Ethan. (Apparently Alberta makes that more difficult to do than BC did. As in we have to actually find the application form online, fill it out and then take it to a registry office in person instead of being handed a form in the hospital and have a snazzy certificate sent to us not long after. I now understand why my birth certificate shows that my birth was registered several months after the fact. I used to think my parents were deciding whether or not to keep me.)

What are five snacks you enjoy?

Green smoothies. (Why was I scared of these for so long?)

Chocolate coconut bite things made by Dole. They’re way too easy a snack, especially when I need something I can eat with one hand.


A late-night bowl of cereal.

Cool Ranch Doritos. (But not Coke, because I finally gave it up. Yay me!)

Name some things you would do if you were a millionaire.

Is it sad that a million bucks doesn’t sound like enough to do what I want to do? I would:

Buy a fabulous house.

Buy a summer place somewhere.

Travel a lot.

Donate more to charities.

Put money aside for my kids’ futures.

Name some places you have lived. 

I’ve lived:

In a waterfront house with a hot tub by the ocean.

In a building that looks like a castle.

In a house on a street named after a fruit.

In a one-bedroom basement suite with a very cute boy and two cats.

In an old-school university dorm room.

(I know those aren’t technically places, but I haven’t moved all that much so this is more interesting.)

Name some bad habits you have. 

Not following directions (see above).

Procrastinating (see above).

Being lax about editing my own work (see above).

Not exercising as much as I ought to.

Spending too much time on Facebook.

Name some jobs you’ve had. 

You had to ask, didn’t you?

Ice cream truck driver. (Seriously.)

Telemarketer. (I wish I were kidding.)

Baskin Robbins ice cream scooper. (I’ve lived a glamorous life.)

T-shirt salesperson.

Hotel front desk clerk.

Communications director. (Does that make up for the other stuff?)

That was fun! What are some of your answers to these questions?



  1. That was fun! I like your replies to where you’ve lived, it did sound more interesting. And poor you, thinking your parents were trying to decide if to keep you…LOL…too funny. Nice to know you a little more.
    Debbie :)

    • Thanks, Debbie! And I know – I remember being so shocked when I saw the registration date on my birth certificate.

  2. Ice cream truck driver totally made me laugh. Bet the boys will think it’s cool though! :)

    • I bet they will! But I am traumatized because in the summer there’s an ice cream truck that comes by our house every day. Stupid music.

  3. I have to get the windsheild in my car replaced too! Not happening anytime soon. AND everytime someone gets in my car they say “hey! did you know your windsheild is cracked?”
    NO! I had no idea!

    • Ha! No one has pointed mine out but I really need to do it. Especially since there’s a new commercial on here about how a cracked windshield weakens the structural integrity of your car. Great…

  4. I love how you described the ACTUAL buildings where you lived, great take on that part of the meme. This is SO fun!! 😀

    And you’ll have to message me and let me know where in Alberta you live. I also need to get passports for us ALL since we are planning a trip to see my cousin who lives up there, hopefully in June!!

    • I figured most people wouldn’t know where the actual places are. Well, except Vancouver. Although actually, I enjoy reading the names of places people have lived that I haven’t heard of.

      Anyway, yes. So fun!

  5. Ice cream truck driver! Amazing. I think I’d prefer to scoop…seems easier on the nerves. :)

    And Cool Ranch Doritos…oh how I miss those!

    • Oh totally. The ice cream truck was one of my least favourite jobs.

      And where are you that you don’t have Cool Ranch Doritos?! That’s just wrong.

  6. Yes, the chocolate cocnut variety of the Dole bites is the best one. I may be eating one right now. Ok, I am.
    Love how you did the places you lived in!
    Thanks for coming over and reading mine as well.

  7. This was lots of fun. You’d be popular in my house as a ice cream truck driver! Lots of folks have renewing their passport on them – maybe I need to look at mine, it’s been a while!

  8. Oh, I remember blogging years and years and years ago and doing these questionnaires! The memories! I might have to poach this in a few days.

    Also: mmmm, cool ranch Doritos…

  9. I had to get creative with my places I’ve lived too. I don’t lead a very exciting life! Love getting this peek into yours though. :) Also, I should have put spending too much time on FB on my bad habits list, but that would be an admission, right?

  10. I LOVE Cool Ranch Doritos.

    And want more than a million fake dollars to play with, too :)

  11. Green smoothies are so yummy!

  12. Nice old school post! I’m enjoying reading these and did one on my blog as well.

  13. The descriptions of the places you lived are way better than just listing the locations, wish I had thought of that. Green smoothies are awesome I might get up and make one.

  14. Communications director totally makes up for all the other jobs!

    What are these chocolate coconut things you’re talking about? Those are two of my most favorite things.

  15. Being a telemarketer has to be one of the worst jobs in the world. I’m pretty sure I could not take the rejection.

    • It sucked. It was for my university and we called alumni for donations, so it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Now I get those calls from students there and feel so sorry for them.

  16. I’ll share a bag of cool ranch Doritos while putting off exercising with you any day.
    You had to say Cool Ranch, didn’t you. I’m so screwed.

  17. I hate car stuff, too. I’m afraid my car is going to run out of oil between changes I wait so long.

  18. Haha, I love your commentary. And seriously, all of the snacks that I’m reading about are KILLING me.

  19. Robin, you made me chuckle – so cute! I mean, not in a demeaning way, but in a we’re-friends way. Ice cream truck driver – so dangerous!

    And I liked your list of places to live so much better than the standard run.

  20. Robin – I love the jobs list. I think it’s fascinating to realize that everyone ends up with some odd/creative jobs in their lives. And yes, your places list is more interesting. I should have added to my list that I lived in three places in a row where the house number ended in 13. These funky little things keep up amused. :)

  21. I’m a bit of a procrastinator myself. I’ve been meaning to get my American passport ever since I became a citizen last January – I still haven’t done it! I also remember a similar situation with our boys birth certificate. he was born in a different county than my girls and for them it was so easy!

  22. I gave up coke over a year ago too. But my cool ranch Doritos and a coke right now sounds heavenly.

    All your bad habits – I have ’em!

    Loved your take on the places. It was perfect.

  23. I love the to do list. I have things like that I put off for what seems like forever. Hence, one of my bad habits. Procrastination. 😉 Ice cream truck? That’s awesome!

  24. Gosh I only moved .5 miles from the house I grew up in, and my parents still live there. I’ve lived in a dorm room, a two bedroom apartment for less than a year after we got married, our first starter home on Dick Street (not kidding that really was the name and the address was 1111), and for the last 22 years here in our house. I am super boring compared to you. :)

    • Dick Street? That’s hilarious! 😉

      I think there’s something sort of appealing about always living in the same place.