Name that Kindergartner [Updated]

UPDATE: We have winners! Amy P. was our grand prize winner of a $300 Amazon gift card and Renee and Julie each got runner-up prizes.
Congrats to the winners and thanks to everyone who entered! 

Wondering who was who? I’ve updated the collage below to include the answers.
I’m actually surprised at how many people couldn’t guess me. Here’s a side-by-side to help you out: 


And here are the rest of the answers. (If you’d like to see then vs. now comparisons for the other participants, you can click on the links below to visit their updated posts.)

Name That Kindergartner Answers

We went on a school tour on Friday for a school Connor might go to for Kindergarten. How are you supposed to choose a school for your kid at this level? (That sounds like a rhetorical question but I’d happily take any advice you have to offer.)

There’s a school in our community but we’re just outside the walk zone so we don’t automatically get a spot, and we happened not to get one through the lottery (which only had 11 spots, so that tells you a bit about the demographic in this area). That’s actually fine, as I’m not sold on that school and we’ve registered him at another school close by that we’ve heard really good things about. We’re outside the area for that one, though, so we have to wait and see if we get a spot. If not, he would go to the one we toured on Friday. And it seems fine. From a long-term perspective (it goes up to Grade 6) there are some things I’m not keen on, but does it matter at Kindergarten level? They have all the things I think are important, and there are some things about it that I think would be great for a kid like Connor.

So as we sit and think about this decision, I’m reminiscing a bit about my time in Kindergarten. Except I don’t remember much – just two particular friends and playing with blocks made of cardboard. The blocks were red and white – done up like bricks, essentially. And that’s it. That’s all I remember.

I do like my hair from that era, though.


It’s very simple – just look at the collage and match the Kindergarten photo (with the assigned letter of the alphabet) to the correct blogger. (All participating bloggers are listed further down.)

What’s in it for you? Some fun, naturally, and the possibility of a fantastic prize – a $300 Amazon gift card (or a runner-up prize). You can also get to know some of the bloggers listed here, if you don’t know them already. You can have a laugh at our expenses. (Don’t worry, we laughed at each other.)

To join in, enter your answers on the form.

Participating bloggers, in alphabetical order:

Angela of Angela Amman

Angie of Angie Kinghorn

Deborah of Ask Doctor G

Robin of Farewell Stranger

Poppy of Funny or Snot

Leigh Ann of Genie in a Blog

Greta of Gfunkified

Jennifer of Jennifer P. Williams

Tonya of Letters for Lucas

Kiran of Masala Chica

Laura of Mommy Miracles

Natalie of Mommy of a Monster (and Twins)

Brittany of Mommy Words

Jessica of My Time as Mom

Kimberly of Reflections of Now

Tracy of Sellabit Mum

Elaine of The Miss Elaine-ous Life

Sarah of The Sunday Spill

Galit of These Little Waves

Kristin of Two Cannoli

Arnebya of What Now and Why

Kristin of What She Said

Alison of Writing, Wishing

Terms and conditions apply:

  • You must be 18 years or older to enter.
  • This contest is only open to residents of USA and Canada.
  • This contest is open from March 11 – 15, 2013 (closes at 9pm Eastern).
  • Visit the link above where you will be able to enter your guess for each blogger pictured. (All information will be kept private.)
  • The person to correctly match all the faces with their blog will win a $300 Amazon gift card. The two other closest guesses will each win one $80 Amazon gift card.
  • If more than one person correctly matches all the faces with their blogs, we will randomly pick a winner via
  • If no one guesses all the faces correctly, the winner will be the person who made the most correct guesses.
  • This is not a sponsored post. Prizes are paid for out of the participating bloggers’ own pockets.
  • You CAN enter more than once!
  • Winners will be announced week of March 18.

(Name That Kindergartner was inspired by the Name That DIY Blogger contest at My Blessed Life.)

Sound good? Okay, then. Ready, set…name that kindergartner!



  1. I canNOT believe your guy is going to Kinder next year!! Exciting and ohmygoodness bittersweet, yes?

    Love doing this thang with you! :)

  2. As a 3x kindergarten mom, I stressed about schools too when my kids first started. I found, at the kindergarten level, the school didn’t end up being too important. When you’re an involved parent, kindergarten is an awesome experience for both of you no matter where he winds up.

    • That’s what I figure too. I just don’t want to end up feeling like we’re stuck in a specific school, you know?

  3. The good thing about school in Malaysia? We can choose any school we like, wherever it is, it doesn’t matter where we live. It only matters to me because I have to do drop offs and pick ups and the Lord knows I plan my life around avoiding traffic jams :) Good luck to Connor!

    Love doing this with you and everyone else! (I totally spotted you by the way)

    • I’m glad we can opt to have him go to a school outside our area, it just sucks that he won’t necessarily get a spot. But yes, we’re limiting ourselves to areas that won’t require us to spend a lot of time in traffic!

  4. I agonized over where to send my firstborn to kindergarten. With my third, I honestly just want her to go somewhere for a few hours. Just anywhere. (Don’t tell her that…)

    • Ha! I can totally see that too. I’m really looking forward to him having half-day school every day. (Not that I’ll be at home by then, mind you…)

  5. Our district determines where the kids will attend kindergarten, which I guess is good and bad.
    I can’t believe he’s already ready for kindergarten!

    • Ours sort of does, except that we can apply to another district. I don’t know if that makes it easier or harder… And I know – I can’t either!

  6. I’ve sent three (so far) to kindergarten and I can tell you, kids are easy to please, and mostly very easy to educate at this age. Look at it as a one year experiment with a school!

  7. I KNOW how stressful just getting you child into the “right” Kindergarten can be. It was like a mountain had been removed from my shoulders when we were finally set and everything was in place. Leo LOVES his K teacher this year and we couldn’t be happier with our choice. But it was a tough road getting to that point. All the best Robin! I’m sure Connor will thrive regardless :)

  8. Oh dear. Picking a school and trying to get into a kindergarten sounds so stressful. I am definitely not ready to deal with that yet. Contemplating this totally makes homeschooling sound like a viable option. 😉

  9. I love this contest – so much fun! I think I’d only get like 2 right, though. LOL.

    We’re in the process of choosing a preschool for the 4 year old. We don’t get a choice about her Kindergarten. As a former elementary teacher, I take great comfort in knowing that there are great teachers in every school and E will get exposed to hopefully tons of them. Glass half-full, I suppose. =)

    • Yep, I agree. I think C will love all the fun and stimulation of Kindergarten, so I’m sure it will be fine. I just wish it were decided already!

  10. I’m so glad we don’t have to pick out our kindergarten. At least not unless you are going to private school. Where I am, once you’ve picked a neighborhood, you’ve picked your school

    • That’s sort of how it is here, except that you can apply to another school. Which kinda makes it more complicated. 😉

  11. Oh gosh. We have several schools in towns around us (we live in the country between them), but we’re in one district and I really like it, so I didn’t consider any others. I can’t imagine having to wait and apply and do all that. Good luck! (And yeah, I remember the red and white blocks, too!)

  12. Too many options can be hard, too, and waiting for spots and trying to find a good fit. It stressed me out, and now we’re just waiting…

  13. How do you decide? I don’t know – I vacillated on this with my own daughter – I think in the end I had to go with where I thought she would get the warmest, most loving environment (huge because if she starts school having a shitty time, she is not going to be that turned on to the idea for the next – oh – thirteen – twenty years of her life) AND where I thought they had a really strong curriculum. In the end – I had a few choices but i just had to go with my gut.

    You will figure it out. And pick. And then you will probably doubt your decision. And wonder if you chose right.

    (Because that’s just what happens). Its the start of a whole new roller coaster ride, mama 😉

  14. We registered the twins for kinder last week. It sounds a bit simpler than your process, but how can we be here already?

  15. We went Catholic.
    Don’t laugh.
    It was closer.
    I think it was harder to actually sign him up. I cried.

  16. I don’t feel so bad now for not remembering much about kindergarten. As for choosing a school at this level, I don’t remember stressing much about it, but I do know that we were sure our oldest wouldn’t go to the neighborhood school. She got into one close by but outside our zone and we love it. The school is not one of the ones that has fabulous test scores (because everyone knows how important that is (insert eye roll)) but the teachers and staff are amazing. Our girls flourished here and the boy is there in PK-3.

    • Oh yes, the test scores. SO important. 😉

      I’m glad you found a school they love. I’m sure we will, but it’s weird not knowing what it will be yet.

  17. I don’t remember a lot of kindergarten, either. Although these posts are bringing back some repressed memories – most of them very strange and/or traumatic. 😉

  18. Robin! We should talk about this. We just decided last night where to send Gavin to kindergarten and it has been quite the process. He got a spot at St. Basil but there was no way we could swing half-day kindergarten. So he’s going to go to French immersion at St. Luke in Brentwood where they have Before and After School care. I’ve heard great things about the school too. We need to arrange a time to get our boys together I think.

  19. Go with your gut, I did. And it has worked out great. Kindergarten is such a fun, special year. I think your pic is so cute. This has been SO fun! :)

  20. Robin, we just chose a preschool for our son, and it is very difficult! They are so small and can’t choose for themselves, and it seems very big, doesn’t it?
    SUCH a cute kinder student you were!


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