Lacing Up

I’ve had lots of excuses for not running in the last 18 months. At first it was because we had just moved and there was a lot of snow on the ground and I didn’t really feel like breaking my neck. And then I got pregnant. And then I had just had a baby. And then there was snow on the ground again.

Then my husband got me some Yaktrax, which removed my fear that I might break my neck. The first time I wore them it was -18C (about 0F) and I managed to stay warm enough and figured I was good to go. But then in January I twisted my ankle and I stopped running, and I didn’t really start again.

I started to think maybe I wasn’t a runner anymore. I was feeling too old and achey. My knees weren’t cooperating. I was sucking wind and generally feeling like all my running mojo had veered off the path and run away without me.

I did other things. Boot camps and Jillian Michaels workouts and yoga. Long walks with big hills. Pilates. All of which were fine, but I didn’t find myself in any of them. There was a piece of me missing.

So I took to the trails again.

I’ve walked a lot in our area in the short time we’ve been here, but when I started running I didn’t yet have my go-to running routes the way I used to. And we live on a ridge, so no matter what direction I go I end up coming home on a hill. But still, I ran. I looped out and back, and followed paths. I found some trails and ran them to see where they went. I still sucked wind, but I was running. I had no particular thoughts about it; it just seemed good enough.

This morning when I got up I re-evaluated my planned run. My knees were complaining and I was sore after a challenging yoga practice last Wednesday and a stroller fit class on Friday. I was feeling like I’d been working hard and maybe skipping a run wouldn’t be a bad thing.

And then I got inspired and figured I’d do a short one. It was my day to walk the dog anyway.

If you follow my Facebook page you know how it turned out. I got to the end of the “out” part of my planned out-and-back and saw the entry to a path I hadn’t seen before. So I went down it. To make an hour-long story short, I got lost. After following a series of paths I ended up way, way down at the bottom of a glen and, just as I was starting to wonder where the trail came out, it ended.

end of paved path

Apparently this is where the sidewalk ends.

I have no idea why the trail ends there. At some point, someone must have decided that was all they were going to do. Or maybe they ran out of asphalt.

In any case, I found my mojo. It was down at the bottom of a glen, waiting for me on a rainy Sunday morning.

I’m a runner again.



  1. Good for you, girlfriend. Love the sidewalk ends caption, first and foremost.

    But yay for you for finding your runner-self. I always hope I will truly meet mine, but I am not that sure she exists, so I am always in love with the stories of people who experience things as you have here. So … way to go, Mama!

  2. See where the path takes you and all that, yes?
    I’m glad you’re running again. That’s what matters, no matter how convoluted the path to it was.

  3. I love a good long run, but I don’t think I would if my climate weren’t so moderate. It is really rainy where I live, but it is never too hot or too cold. I think I’d tap out if I needed Yaktrax!

  4. How funny. I’ve never seen a road that just … ended.

    Okay I’m tired now. I’m gonna stop. :-)

  5. Snow notwithstanding, I really do love cold weather runs. It’s hard to motivate yourself to get out the door, but I always have to remind myself that I’ll warm up in a mile or so. But then again cold to me is like 50 degrees. 40 is freezing. 0??? Gah.

    So glad you found your running mojo! I’m looking for mine again now that I’m not in training.

  6. Love. This!

    I know what you mean. I haven’t found a passion in any other thing I have done – not yoga, not Jillian Michaels, not the gym. It is running that I love, even when I hate it. (okay. I love hot yoga too, but can’t afford it).

    I am so so glad you found your runner again. I’m still trying to find mine post-second baby, but I know it is in here somewhere.

  7. I need to start running. Not start again, just START. I hate running but know it will do me some good. Some day?

  8. Woohoo! At least now you know where it likes to hide.

  9. Yay for you! You’re inspiring – I don’t run. Ever.

  10. I want to find my running mojo. I do. I think I need to just do it. Maybe we should run together sometime?

  11. I love this Robin. I found my running mojo again. Who knew that my inner runner loved to hear the word “wind sprints”?

  12. This made me smile so big. I’m glad your mojo is back and well I kinda love that photo. :)

  13. I am testing out the running waters – at a very, very beginning level. But there are parts of it that I really appeal to me. Hope I find my running mojo within me, someday.

  14. I’m so glad you got it back! I still love this story of your extra long run. After you posted that on FB *I* was inspired to run on a very lazy Saturday. And now, all of the sudden, I’m signed up for a half marathon in Sept. All because of all of the amazing running moms that I read from every day. Isn’t it amazing??

  15. I am having mojo issues, too, and I’m finding my way back a little at a time. And how fun to find “Where the Sidewalk Ends”.

  16. I love this. We are all always full of excuses, but you’re getting out there and doing it! So proud of you. I love the photo and that book. Keep it up!

  17. Go, you! I love that photo of the path. I wont ever be a runner though lol.

  18. I’m so happy to hear this! Who cares where you found your mojo, you’ve got it!

  19. Yay! Those are my favourite kinds of runs. I think there’s just something about it – once you start running, it’s hard to stop entirely. My husband once said about golf, “There’s always one shot that keeps you coming back again no matter how terrible the game is.” I think it’s the same theory applies here.

  20. Never seen a road like that ever before but YAY for you to find your mojo again :)

  21. I think that was a sign saying “Welcome back to running! Now go home and have a beer.”

  22. I love this Robin. It makes me want to get out and run. Almost. Okay maybe refocus on exercise I actually like. :)


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