My world is a little wet right now. We’ve had unbelievable amounts of rain in the last little while, and in the last two days it finally started to spill over. Calgary is flooded, to an extent that I don’t think anyone ever could have imagined. It’s unreal.

Photo credit: Mike Morrison

Photo credit: Mike Morrison

People have lost their homes and iconic parts of the city are completely under water.

Photo credit: Mookie

Photo credit: Mookie

I can’t describe how this makes me feel, but I’m teary, and I don’t normally get that way with tragic events and natural disasters. It’s just…so much to take in.

Photo credit: @bohemian_me on Twitter

Photo credit: @bohemian_me on Twitter

In any case, one of the amazing things to see is the support given to first responders. It never fails. The love is amazing, and when people talk about Alberta flood 2013 I’m sure this is one of the things they’ll remember.

I’ve shared a bit about that on the Huffington Post. (Please send good (and dry) thoughts.)



  1. Stay safe and dry! I’ve been to Calgary twice and I cannot believe the photos I’ve seen from friends who live there. I mean, I walked in those spots, I drove on the highway. It’s unfathomable.

    My home state had a huge flood in 1993 and the results were similar: such a massive amount of water, running where it shouldn’t be, that it boggles the mind how it happened. We were luckily on higher ground ourselves, but spend two days stuck in our town from creeks/river/dam flooding because all routes were closed or underwater.

    I hope things dry out so the waters can recede. I’ve read lovely things how people are offering homes to flood victims.

    Take care of yourself and yours!

  2. I’m so sorry this is happening. I am glad you and yours are safe and dry though.

  3. Thinking of you Robin. It’s scary when it’s right at home.

  4. Oh wow. I’m so sorry this is happening. Thinking of you and hoping you and your loved ones stay safe and dry.

  5. Hope you guys are safe

  6. I’ve been trying to show my girls some of the photos so they can understand the magnitude of this. They were so upset when they heard about the zoo. Then I had to show them someone’s home going down a river and breaking apart as it hit a bridge. I’m worried about the animals too but I want them to see how many people this has left in heart breaking and life threatening situations.
    Sending lots of love and dry thoughts your way.

  7. It is heartbreaking and unbelievable that Calgary was/is under that much water! I am grateful that not many people lost their lives thought. It could have been much worse! Thank you so much for dropping by and visiting me Robin. Take care! Angie xo

  8. The same here in europe, although it seems that it is already over… the danube has ruined whole countries it has been insane how cities like Vienna and Budapest or Prague were in danger…


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