I’ve written and deleted the introduction to this post several times. I just don’t have any words lately. I can’t even say why, just that for the first time in a long time I am processing things in my head instead of on this screen. I’m doing things and enjoying them and then moving on to the next thing. I’m having some hard days but not feeling the need to share much. I’ve been desperately tired and then better. I’ve thought ahead to all the things I want to do before my maternity leave is over (only two months!) and then sat down to enjoy the now.

It’s a weird place to be in. I haven’t gone this long without writing anything significant since I started blogging. I don’t even have drafts of all the stuff I’ve been thinking about. Just two. And they’re the barest of drafts. A line or two each. Whatever I have to say just doesn’t seem worth saying right now.

So I’ll hang out here for a while. There’s beauty and potential and life in the distance, and I’m eyeing it while soaking up what’s right in front of me.

Just wanted you to know.





  1. I’m completely in touch with this exact same emotion and it is a very weird space to be in, but I guarantee as soon as you’re ready, we will all be here waiting to read whatever you have to share. xoxo

  2. I get what you’re saying here. Sometimes life just has to be lived and not documented. Taking a break from anything is always good. Enjoy your life and the moments you reserve just for you.

  3. I know how this feels.
    Enjoy your time.

  4. I don’t think there is anything wrong with keeping things inside for awhile. Until you’re ready to share. There is a lot to be said for holding space and enjoying the quiet.

    I love how you were able to describe this feeling though.

  5. Sometimes, the moments and days just have to be lived, and worked out/ documented/ captured in your head and heart. Sometimes, some things need to be kept for ourselves and just us only. Nothing wrong with that at all. xo

  6. And sometimes when we don’t write it down, it doesn’t hurt as much, and seems to pass a little more quickly…well, for me it does..sometimes…

  7. You’ll get back to it, when you need and want to. In the meantime… we’ll wait. :) xo

  8. I know what you mean. But I hope that you don’t feel like small things are insignificant, or that we wouldn’t care about them. Sometimes it’s good to hear that life is just going smoothly, too. :)

  9. Take your time Robin. There’s no need to rush. Words come and go.